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Constipation warning TMI!!!

Hi all

Suffering from constipation and this morning had a particulary bad experience and took about 25 minuts and resulted in me shaking and holding my breath from straining so much really worried ive caused the baby damage sure its just me being a worrier. Also does any one have any advice on how to get rid of it?



  • I know a while back someone posted on here to eat a kiwi everyday as it really helped with constipation and I have to say it really helped me too. I found I had it until around 16 weeks and it's soooooo uncomfortable it's a joke. I also had a big tub of the California dried prunes to hand and think they helped. x
  • hey sorry to hear your struggling with this i remember being terrible with constipation early on too. I had to go to the hospital and get a supositry (sp??) not nice!!!

    anyway i would say drinks LOADS of water and get fibrogel and lactulose both available over the counter and safe to take in pregnancy. They really helped for me.
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