MATB1 Form

Can someone please let me know when you get these & where from ? i cant remember at all from last time




  • hey dal you need to get it from midwife or doctor sorted all mine out last week but make sure you take a photocopy as they get funny about giving you a second copy and copy all your stuff for work like your risk ass to x x
  • My understanding is I will get mine at my 22 week appointment. Work doesn't need it until 15 weeks before you are due. x
  • I got my MATB1 Form at my 26 week antenatal check up from my MW. Gave a copy to our accounts department at work in order to get my Maternity Pay.

  • Oops suppose i best look into it then, i'm 25 weeks now and see my midwife next on 1st feb when i will be 28 weeks so will hopefully get it then, doenst give my company that much notice tho about 9 weeks but sure they'll be ok
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