incopetent cervix

do you know what the symptoms are? the last 2 weeks i have a pain in my left side when im asleep and then when i get up and go for a wee,towards the end of my wee i get a pulling sensation at the bottom of my stomach, really worried about it! thought it could be incopetent cervix??

anyone have this?

good news is i ahve my 20 week scan tomorow so will tell them my worries xxx


  • I doubt it is...pregnancy comes with all sorts of weird aches & pains lol. It's probably just baby lying in an odd position, digging its little feet in and then shifting as you empty your bladder. Sometimes when my baby kicks I get a bizarre feeling, like he is kicking my cervix, but punching my stomach at the same time! x
  • Hiya Hayley, how did you get on with your scan? The pain you described sounds more like ligament pain where everything is stretching. You may even have a urine infection - get the midwife/GP to dipstick your urine. An incompetent cervix is usually one that has problems withstanding pregnancy, someone who has a history of recurrent miscarriages at a late gestation or has need a cervical stitch to maintain a pregnancy - have you have any bleeding or anything? Let us know how you get on. bxxx
  • hi,thanks 4 replys,had my scan,i was worring over nothing! im having a little boy!! im eally happy and can now start to enjoy my pregnancy xx xxxx
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