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Hi, I am bleeding, its only when i am wipping myself (sorry if too much info) its a pinkish colour i am not having any pains but im really worried, has anyone had anything like this?

one worried maxine


  • How many weeks are you maxine?
  • im 10 weeks and one day

  • I had some bleeding early on and it was from my cervix, not from the baby. You should definately get it checked out though. Pop to your ante natal clinic tomorrow if you can and let them check you out so they can set your mind at rest. Take care and let us know what they say. xx
  • Defiantly see your doctor to get this checked out, the GP will probably refer you to the early pregnancy unit at your hospital where they will probably give you a scan. From what you have described I would try not to worry too much, I bled with my daughter exactly the same and she is now a happy, healthy 16 months old however I had a miscarriage 2 months ago but that was very different, if you are not in any pain and you are not passing clots then its probably okay. I hope everything is okay, take care of yourself, all the best, Jen x
  • Hiya

    thanks for your replies you dont know how much it helped me get a good night sleep, well i went for a scan this morning and everything is fine, we got to see the heart beat which was just lovely, they have said that i am not 10 weeks and 2 days but 6 weeks and 1 dayimageimageimage

    maxine x
  • imageFantastic news, hope everything goes good for you now.
  • I'm pleased every thing is fine, that brilliant news. Take Care. xx
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