where to hire tens machine from


I'm looking at hiring a tens machine and am a true Libran so have trouble making decisions! So, was hoping to get some advice on where is best to hire one from. Have looked at boots and mothercare online and was given a leaflet for www.babycaretens.com.

Being my first pregnancy I have no idea what i'm looking for in terms of which is best. I know there are other random sites I could hire one from but think I would rather get it from a company I know or have been reccomended!

Please help! Am 35+4 so need to order it asap so I have it by 37 weeks! (I read in the leaflet from babycaretens that you cant use it before 37 weeks - hadn't heard that before but no company sends it befor ethen anyway?!)




  • Some hospitals hire them out in two week slots.
    and my midwife said she has one which she hires out, and only charges for new pads so you could try your hospital and midwife aswellimage
  • I would also ask your midwife. I managed to get one from my hospital on free loan a couple of weeks too last time round

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