Veins on boobies

Hi girls, wow I went an brought maternity bras today, I am so happy they are so comfy. I have been lucky I have not had sickness or anything but geeeez I have had sore boobs, seriously sore boobs I cant hardly touch them.

When I was trying on bras I noticed some quite large veins that have appeared going from my chest to the nipple area, is this normal? they are so ugly. I am only 7+4 and my boobs have gone from a C cup to an E cup (you can see why I am in pain!!!)


  • Hey hun, yeah thats one of the classic signs of pregnancy! Dont worry about them, they will fade. I know how you feel, i'm 27 weeks now and still yelp whenever my lo tries to cuddle me, soooo sore!
    I love your ticker by the way, its amazing how quickly the baby is forming in the early weeks! xxxx
  • Oh my goodness Lady K , no wonder your poor boobies are sore. That is a massive increase in a very short space of time! I hope they stop growing now and your soreness eases.

    Mine have not grown at all ! which i am very gratefull about as already d cup and dont want to get too big! still plenty of time left LOL. Where did you get you mat bras from ? x
  • Blooming marvellous, only because everything is 50% off, some of their baby clothes were 99p and it is such lovely quality, bikinis ??9.99 etc.

    Yeah I know some people would love thier boobs to get big and i am sure they look nice but they are really painful but I have to say wearing the mat bra all day they feel like a different pair of airbags!!!
  • I was the same in the beginning. I didnt go and get measured until my Mum dragged me when I was 16wks and I had gone from 36b to 38dd! The relief when I started wearing the new bra's was enormous!

    My boobs were so sore in the beginning I used to cry in the shower if the water hit them as it was so painful. They have calmed down now but I also have veins and stretchmarks on them.
  • I haven't had sore boobs, but they did grow massively in first few weeks from a 34D to a 36E. I am 16+4 and still have really bright blue veins on my boobs, but it's completely normal.

  • i've gone from 34a too 38c!! and also look like i have a street map of london on them!!lol
  • I was exactly the same, at 5 weeks I had gone from a C to an E, and then I kept going up. I am now a G (and also up two back sizes so basically to an H). I got veins and I have to warn you, the only place I have had stretch marks is on my boobs. They aren't as dark looking as some of the belly ones some ladies get, but they are there so akaLadyK I'd REALLY recommend you buy some good stretch mark mosturiser (I got the mama mio - expensive but I LOVE it), and use that from now on. It might not prevent them, but it might help!!! And, think about wearing a bra at night. I didn't for a good while and mine have sagged due to the excess weight image ally x 37+6
  • i've got horrible veiny boobs too and stretch marks on them!!! image ive been somthing myself in bio oil by night and palmers coco butter in the morn, but still they came!!! i went into bra shop wearing a 34a came out wearing a 32D and that was when i was about 10 weeks pregnant! have now gone up to a 34D (or 35" when i measured the other night lol) they were sore at first, but that seems to have gone now image

    skyla 33+5
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