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11 weeks and stretching?

Hi everyone. I'm 11 weeks pregnant and this evening I have felt a stretching feeling right in middle of my lower tummy, I'm guessing this will intensify? We had full blown bd this afternoon to after 4 weeks of healing after my bleed. It's not sore the feeling I'm having just that I'm very aware that something is going on down there. Is this normal? Have my scan on Friday am nervous but excited. X

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  • My stretching feelings in my belly (tugging and twisting) got more intense around 12 wk mark. I was worried about this and I was reassured by a midwife I work with that this is completely normal. It gets a bit more intense as the uterous moves up above the pubic bone and everything stretches. Look up 'round ligament pain' and it will tell you more.
    If in doubt, ask your midwife to reassure you.
    Good luck for your scan. x
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