weight gain in last 4 weeks

Hello Ladies,

I am approaching 36 weeks, and have just finished work, I am wondering how much weight I am going to gain now I have constant access to treats and daytime tv!! I started off being sooooo good, and at 16 weeks had only gained a few pounds, but now its just over 2 stone. I dieted so hard last year for my wedding, and I am really regretting stuffing my face whilst pregnant!! I started off pre preg at 10,10and a size 12-14...

Does anyone know what sort of gains to expect these last few weeks??

C x


  • ummm, think about a pound a week? not 100% sure on that, sorry!!! try not to worry about weight gain hun, we all go through it and it will fall off again after lo is born and you are running around all day and night!!! I went from pre-preg 16 to size 20 with my first and was devastated...but I breastfed, watched what i ate and 6 months after she was born, i had shed the baby weight, and lost all the weight i needed to lose before, and have been size 10 ever since. I was surprised by how easy it was - so busy with new baby i didn't even think about food!!!
    I am 33 wks with 2nd and i am unashamedly eating whatever i want tee hee!!!
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