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Cervix still low

Hi girls

Hubby and I have not bd'd since we found out I was preg though last night we did go to and my cervix feels very low. i am 7 weeks today and though at around 5/6 weeks it went high.

We never ended up bding as i am too scared but do you think that the fact my cervix is still low is ok?

K xx


  • I wouldnt worry hun mine is low some days and high others

    Hope you and bump are both doing well


  • Hi hun, didn't want to read and run but I don't know about the position of the cervix as I've never checked mine.

    We're also holding off BDing, just want to wait until we're a bit further on, I wouldn't be able to relax.

    Hope someone can answer you hun xxx
  • Thanks girls.

    Yeah I said to hubby look do you know till after the 12 weeks scan if we do not bd, I am just too worried and I know it is all safe but still.

    Though I am so horny right now lol

    K xx

  • We have still been bding but no where near as often and I make sure he is gentle with me lol! But I do still worry and always go to the loo afterwards to check for any bleeding.


  • Don't worry hon, when I was in A&E for my miscarriage, the Gynae (the REALLY gorgeous gynae :roll: ) was telling me that cervix position is quite difficult to tell anything from unless you are in that sort of profession. Our bodies are all different and what might be 'text book' for someone, might not be for someone else, but that doesn't say that someone else isn't normal.

    I've got a retroverted uterus (well prob. not anymore!) and so my cervix position would never have been an indicator of pregnancy / ovulation etc...

    Joo xxx
  • We havent been bding much and if we do he is very gentle, we have been doing other stuff, We had a topic on it a couple of weeks ago and some midwives say not to do it till after 12 weeks although all my books say that bding does NOT cause mc. Its funny a few eeks ago I had to pounce on my oh to get him into bed he was so tired of the pressure and now he cant get enough and im the one crying off lol

  • Oh and we're barely 'done it' since getting my BFP. We didn't at all until I'd had a scan at 12 weeks... then we've done it a few times since then. I suppose I'm not really up to it all of the time, but do fancy it every now and again. We do it less because hubby finds it a bit weird with the baby there!!!

  • Thank you girls I feel better now image

    I know I think we will wait till after the 12 weeks to bd but like you Joo hubby said he is going to find it odd knowing our baby is inside me.

    k xx

  • Hi ladies my cervix is really low but yesterday it was high just really worried this is my first pregnancy x

    And advice about cervix/ pregnancy would be much appreciated x
  • Positive or negative ladiesimage

  • Looks positive to me China :) x

  • Charrz91 did yours look like this? And what was some of your symptoms

  • Yeah my first test looked so faint,had to hold it to the light lol,3 days later I got my bfp on clear blue digital,I would do another test on Thursday and it should be a darker line :) x

  • Did yours look like this?-its frustrating I took a Wal-Mart brand for 88cents and it was negative. Im starting to give up and say forget it lol. imageimage I dont urinate a lot either so idk. 

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