Bad news :(

Had my scan this morning, and its not good news. There is a 50 /50 chance the baby will not make it. The sac has doubled in size and the yolk sac is there but the babyy itself is too small for dates. Clinging to the hope that I may not be as far on but in my heart I think its not going to survive. Have to go back in a week, they cant tell me any more. I hate being in limbo. I wanted this baby so badly, I just want to grieve for my baby and try to move on instead of clinging to faint hope. Just want to crawl into a hole :cry::cry:

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  • I'm so sorry to hear that. I can't imagine how you feel. Make sure you've got support from loved'll need them to get through this. I'll be praying for a miracle.
  • Oh Fran that is awful for you and I guess nothing anyone can say will help. Really hope it is earlier than you thought.
  • So sorry to hear your news. Will be thinking of you and concentrating on the 50% chance your baby does have. That's pretty good odds really.
    I know how much you pin all hopes on everything being OK for the scan, mine is next week.
    Hope all is OK, will be thinking of you and your family. S x
  • Try and be positive, there is always a chance you aren't as far on. Early scans are unpredictable - at my early scan they said I was only 6+1 but I was 6+5 and later I was proved right. Really hoping for the best for you. xxxx

  • So sorry to hear that. I hope everything works out for you, you'll be in my thoughts and prayer's
  • Fran, so sorry to hear this news - it must be awful just waiting to hear the outcome. I had a missed m/c last year that was detected at 11 week scan, but at least I knew straight out and didn't have to wait for another scan.

    Like the other ladies have said - it's 50/50 at the mo, so I'll be adding my prayers to a positive outcome.

    Take care hon

  • oh hun my heart sank when i read the title but it's not over, your dates could be wrong! Was there a heartbeat? did they not give you any explanation - how old the baby looked? I hate when they don't explain things to you, i know they are worried they tell you something and then that isn't the case but sometimes it's best to know things instead of being left in limbo!

    Hopefully the next week will fly by and you'll get some answers!

    Hugs! xxxx
  • I'm so sorry to hear your news. My thoughts are with you and I just hope that the news next week is better for you.
    Take care
    Lydia xx
  • As the others all said there is still a 50% chance all will be well babe!

    I really will keep my fingers crossed that this is the case for you. As el pinko said - its horrible when they dont give you any explanation. Keep strong hon

    Love Lee
  • Thinking of you and keeping my fingers crossed- I do hope that it turns out to be ok.
    Take care.
  • Hang in there hun, there maybe dates are a little out or your bean is just a little slow in growing. Theres still hope for you and bean, PMA sent for you and take care. Also have scan next thursday so fingers crossed for both of us.
    Filo x
  • oh fran im sorry you didn;t get the result u wants but there is still a 50% chance your bean will make it put your feet up and try and keep positive my thoughts are with you xxxx
  • Wishing you lots of love for next week. I have my fingers tightly crossed for you.
  • Hi Fran

    don't give up hope yet. My first scan showed 5 weeks and i thought i was 7 so i know how you feel cos i thought i'd lost it too, then second scan showed i was 6+3. take care and talk to someone at home
  • Hi hun i know exactly how you feel. In August i went for my 12 week scan and all that was there was a 6 week sac and a fetal pole and the sonographer said that maybe my dates were out and i had to wait another week to have it confirmed that i had lost it. The mmc was due to a molar pregnancy and these are extremely rare. I felt alwful i cryed and cryed everyday of that week and felt hopeless. You still have a 50% chance that it will live and lets face it there is something in there. When i went for my 6 week early scan this time they couldn't see anything and said that i was about 5 weeks when in fact i was 6+2 as my 8 week scan showed so there is still hope. I'm sending lots of positvie thoughts your way and fingers crossed for you.
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