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Well i have been registered on her for about 8 months...we actually got pregnant but had a miscarriage in March! We are now 7 weeks pregnant & looking forward to the arrival of the lo.
I have an appointment to see my Dr on Friday & i just wanted to ask you all if any of you had to have a stitch put in your cervix following a cone biopsy? I had a cone biopsy for cervical cancer last October & now i'm going to have a ''running stitch'' put in my cervix just to hold the pregnancy......as you can imagine i'm sooo worried!!!


  • Hi Lucyloo, I had a leetz performed last year but havent had a stitch done as it doesnt take away as much cervix. There is a ladie on here who has had one though but I think she is very nearly due to have her baby.

    I know its worrying and not ideal but at least it will hold bean in safely for a better period of time.

    make sure you ask the logistics of what happens when you do go into labour, do you need to get to hosipital early to have it removed or what, better to know these things well in advance!
  • Hi,
    I think i just need to get exactly in my head what i need to ask the Dr.....i think i get the stitch in quite early on & then it is removed around 37 weeks!! I'm sure they'll keep a close eye on me (i'll make sure they do)
    I just keep telling myself that they must do this all the time & plenty of women will go on to have a healthy baby!!!
    I'm trying hardest not to get stressed about it all...breathe in, breathe out! image
  • Arrrr lucy, you keep doing the deep breaths (good practice for when baby shows up image

    Take a list with you and make sure its all sorted in your head. Good luck with having a long (wouldn't normally wish for that but in your case we will make an exeption) and healthy pregnancy x
  • Hello, i have had a stich put in at 14 weeks pregnant as i have had 2 cone biopsys in the past. originally it was done as a precaution cause i had not had a miscarriage but my consultant had said she had taken alo away so she would like to do it. on the day i had it done under a spinal like a epidural and normally they go vaginally but when i was in theatre the consultant said she couldnt put the stich in vaginally cause i was already dilating so the only other option was to go in via an abdominal incision which i had there and then i was in shock cause i didnt think they could open you up like that when you were pregnant but they did and i am glad i have had it done. i am now 33 weeeks pregnant today and am due to have an elective section now on the 9th july i have had regular check ups and everything ok. My consultant said i will now have the stich left in as its inside and for future pregnancies. So go and talk to your consultant but i am so glad i had it done and it is worrying but worth it. If you need to ask anything else i am here.
    vicky x
  • Oh my gosh...thanks so much Vicky....it's great to hear from someone who has had the experience...lets me know what to expect. Yeh my consultant on my last check up mentioned that they had taken a fair 'chunk' from my cervix.
    Did they advise for you to have a section? or was a vaginal birth always still on the cards?
    Lucy x x
  • I havent even been asked about this? - not even sure if its on my notes this time round as they rushed them (mc last Sept) I had a cone Biopsy a few years ago..never had any stitches but should I mention this to my midwife at my next appointment?

  • hi Helen,

    Yeh, maybe you should just mention as a precaution! I think i'm more nervous about a stitch than pregnancy, childbirth & motherhood image) ha ha!
  • Hiya girls

    sorry to butt in, iv got a little boy 6 months old but when i went for a smear after id had him, they found CIN3 i had a cone biopsy done and got the results back to say they had managed to remove it all. The dr did however mention to me that it could (very small chance) cause me to go in to premature labour in any future pregnancies. Im not looking to have another baby for a few years yet but have been thinking about this risk quite a lot lately. I was under the impression that they didnt put a stitch in until they knew that the cervix could not carry a pregnancy to term.... which would mean a chance of losing a baby before they would realise and put the stitch in. So what this long winded post is really asking is... Did your midwife see from your notes that you had had a cone biopsy and deem a stich necessary from the beginning? and has this been the case for you other ladies?

  • No apparently i have to have a section cause of the way they put it in a vaginal birth is out of the question. I was more scared of the stitch too but i am glad i had it done. i had my cone biopsy in the june and got pregnant in the october cause apparentley your cervix grows back and mine hadnt so dont think if you had had one years ago you would need a stitch but yes would probably ask your midwife to be on the safe side . let me know how it all goes. Good luck x
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