Maternity allowance questions....

Hi Girls

Im hoping you can maybe help me....

I am filling in my application form for MA (I am a self employed hairdresser). There are a couple of questions that i do not know how to complete...

One of the questions is - What date were you registered as self employed from?..
I have been eslf employed since Feb 2004, do i put that down or do they mean within the Test Period?

When were you self-emplyed? From, To? I dont understand this one as i am still self employed so don't know what to put in the boxes.

And also...
Have you stopped working as self employed to have your baby? What date did you start your leave? What date do you want your MA to be paid from?
I will be but not yet, so do i leave that blank? Or fill in date that i plan to go on maternity leave? and enter the date i wish to start recieving my MA?

Let me know if any of you know what i should write in these question, many thanks in advance.

Sharon x


  • I haven't filled mine in yet, but I've looked on the DWP website for 'A guide to Maternity Benefits'.

    I'd put down feb 2004 as the date you were registered self employed.

    I think that you can say what date you plan to stop work, and what date you want your MA to start. Unless your baby is born prematurely, the earliest your MA can start is 11 weeks before the week your baby is due, if you have stopped work by then.

    If your baby is born before the date you say you are going to stop work, your MA will start from the day following the day you gave birth. You just have to inform them of any changes.

    Hope that helps. The more I read it, the more confusing it gets.
  • The form is totally confusing and makes no sense at all - if you are self employed you dont need to put in figures therefore the test period is void. When it comes up to the date that you enter as when you will start your maternity leave, you will receive another form from them to complete which asks for the actual date but you can't return this until after that date and then your MA payments will start.

    From and to is the February 2004 date until present.

    Have you stopped working to have your baby, put no;
    What date did you start your leave - leave blank;
    What date do you want your MA to be paid from - this is when you will be starting your maternity leave.

    Hope that helps.
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