soooooo hungry!!!

I can't seem to keep up with my appitite!!

One minute I'm feeling so sick I can't eat, the next I'm raiding the fridge and cupboards

Sometimes I feel sick and incredibly hungry, which is a nightmare coz I don't what to eat with out throwing it all up again!!

My dinner is cooking, but had a yogurt and big glass of juice, and now considering having half a melon, and that just while I'm waiting for my chicken to cook!

never felt this hungry or sick with the other 2, plus still losing weight, but steadily gaining inches!!!


  • Hi ladies, i am also very hungry! I am 19 weeks, FIL keeps taking micky out of me and its starting to hit a nerve! even when im sat here stuffed to the brim im thinking about what i can eat next! developed quite a sweet tooth too, worried im gonna have a fatty baby!!
    trying to enjoy it though as normally at this time of year im dieting and signing up to a gym! suppose its not something we should be complaining about eh?
    Lis x
  • Hiya, I am the same jst want to eat nethin and everythin, think food has replaced drinkin for me a little bit, cos whereas i would have a glass of wine in the eve now it's snacking!! If i carry on the way i am now the whole way thru think i'll b the size of a house by the end. But as lis said may as well enjoy it!
  • I found in the first stages that being hungry was what made me feel sick, so I had to keep grazing all the time. Now (21+2), I have a huge appetite but can't eat very much without bloating up so have to eat small amounts all the time. I am either gonna have a massive baby or will be losing my baby weight for a long time!! x
  • I'm still doing slimming world so eating loads isn't to much of an issue but it's gonna cost me a fortune! LOL
  • Its alright lizzy we can all be pals on the mums forum and moan about being big fat heffas! hehe!
  • Your yoghurt, glass of juice and melon beats my 5 packs of crisps a day hands down anyway!!
  • LOL. I would love to ditch the plan, but worked hard to get 7 stone off, yummy crisps!!

  • hi mummym im with you on the 5 packets of crisps plus the chocolate on top of that and the rest of the food i keep eating toast with butter is yummy im just constantly eating the thing is i dont really have much of a bump i just look like ive put on weight my tummy isnt hard or anything.

    i will be on the mummy forum complaining about the numerous amounts of stones i have put on when baby is born lol

  • Am glad am not the only one who cant face healthy food lol. Had a laugh with my midwife today finding out if my 5 pkts of fruit pastilles count as my 5 a day lol. Have been lucky soo far and not gained any weight which is a complete miracle as since sickness stopped have eaten crap!
  • Have been suffering with this prob too - can barely go 2 hrs without eating at the mo!!! Always thinking about when and what I should eat next....mmm crisps!

  • Sod the healthy food.....I can't stop eating either, food is the only thing keeping me going through this grotty pregnancy, although my arse will never be the same again.....

    Chocolate particularly mars bars (i didn't like them before) and boxes of roses, hot cross buns, jam doughnuts, toast with butter and raspberry jam, crisps and anything potatoe cheeseburgers and home made fruit smoothies, braeburn apples from the fridge and oranges...

    hmmmmmm, I'm hungary thinking about it but my cupboards are hoo....

    I now realise I have no right to complain about the size of my expanding bottom, lol!!!!
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