Hi everyone

I'm sure everyone has heard of the famous doppler. Where you can hear your baby's heartbeat from as young as 6 weeks.

I received mine from ebay today.and snuck into the loos at work to have a quick listen. heard no heartbeat though!!!!
I know i hve been told not to be too discouraged as these things normally take time and sometimes not all are as good and should really be left up to the MW. I have however heard the movement.he keeps moving from one place to anotherthen goes quiet then i will find sound from a diferent end. I heard a faint heartbeat at the begining but i think bump didnt like it.and moved away fast. Has anyone got a doppler and if so have you ehard anything? I'm only 13+2 now so i dont expect much.

My mum was told i was goign to be still born. Look at me now. The same with my brother and sister. Neither of them showed heartbeat or movement even when poked about. but they are both so very healthy. so i'm not too bothered as yet.


  • I got my doppler at 14 weeks..took 3 days off and on, and a bit of patience to find baby! At 12 weeks it took the mw a good 5 minutes to find it.

    Best to try at home when you can lie down and take your time.. and be prepared to play 'chase the baby'... we had a right time of it sometimes movign the doppler all around cause baby wouldn't stay put!
  • thanks ladies
  • Hi, I've got one and I got it at 13 weeks like you. It took me AGES to find the baby first time, at least an hour!! So I doubt you're gonna have much luck in the work loos lol!

    Until about 16 weeks it does take quite a long time. Also you do need a LOT of gel in the early stages cos it makes it easier to empty bladder helps too. I assumed that a full bladder would help as they need you to have a full bladder for your scans but an empty 1 is better for using the doppler.

    Sometimes I just gave up as I couldn't find it! Now I can find it first time usually but sometimes it takes a while as I assume baby's in a funny place. The dopplers the mw uses are sooo much better though as my GP just rested the thing on my belly and heard it straight away, whereas I have to press quite hard!

    Good luck! Philippa 17 wks x x x
  • ahh i wanted one but due to comps in pregnancy i had to go for a doppler three times a week! is a wonderful sound! I had to have a doppler done on my legs aswell due to suspected dvt, was sooo relaxing lol!
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