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can feel my baby at 15 wks!!!! can anyone else?

:\?:\?how soon did everyone feel baby limbs?? lol when i lie still on my back, or side i can feel flutters, but a couple of times i have actually felt tiny limbs!!!! finding it very scary,this is my second, but it seems to all be happenng tooo fast lol:\?


  • Hi Carli, you are worried because you can feel your baby moving?? surely you would worry because it wasn't!! i felt my little'un moving at around 15 weeks, flutters at first but quickly moving on to tiny punches and kicks. chill hun, it's a good thing!! ; ) xc
  • hi carli-im pregnant with my second and felt big movements at 14 wks,think with second you feel movement sooner thats what ive been told anyway,so dont be worrying,good luck hun.x
  • I never felt flutters i just got ma stumic battered about around 19 weeks, image now 23 and hes stil punching and kicking at me image
  • lol cheers everyone, yeh your right, i know its a good thing, its great, i suppose for me, that just made reality kick in!!!! and i panicked a bit!!! it just seems to be flying by!!!! mind you, if i remember right, the last trimester drags so i shouldnt worry lol xx
  • Thats how i felt, time flyin by and that. seems to be dragging now already...
  • lol bless you! its the only thing i can remember well, telling baby "get out" luckily i was early lol its never ending in third trimester lol
  • i have been feeling strange movements since week 13. feels like my muscles being tightened and a strange whirling feeling. its getting stronger now every week. i cant wait for a proper kick.
  • cheers lol i felt baby kicking loads yesterday when relaxing watching telly and it was great! not scared no more lol cant wait til after xmas to do the nursery and fill the wardrobe with little clothes!!
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