when do i start throwing up???

Hello gorgeous mummys to be,

I am 7 weeks and i have not had any morning sickness as yet, is it too early on for me to start being sick? If so when have i got the lovely experience to come?
i have got a disgusting taste in my mouth though.

All suggestions and advice appreciated as per usual


  • Hi hun
    You might be 1 of the lucky ones.. like me.. and not get morning sickness!! woo hoo
    This is my 3rd baby, and i didnt suffer with my other 2. This time i got nausea feelings, and dizziness for a few weeks, but nothing major (unless i left it too long betwen meals, then i felt very sick and got shaky!) Otherwise i was fine.... so fingers crossed for you hun.
    caz xx


  • Hopefully you'll be lucky and wont get it!

    I had it bad with first - had hyeremesis gravadirum with 2nd and was hospitalised and with this one I had severe nausea but only actually threw up a handful of times in the first 3 months.

    Enjoy the time just now incase it kicks in as apparently it peaks between 8-10 wks.

    Hope you dont get it
  • Hi,

    I was lucky and was never actually sick although from 8 to 10 weeks I did feel travel sick most of the time and really tired. I struggled to eat too but found that mints helped, as did gingerbeer and just having small portions of things rather than trying to eat a big meal.

    Don't panic if you don't get it, doesn't happen to everyone.

    Liz xx 30+5
  • I had nausea from week 6 but didn't start physically throwing up until 9 weeks.

    Hopefully you will be lucky and not get any at all
  • Don't worry if it doesn't happen - I was fine too!! Sometimes slightly nauseous, and went right off bananas, but never actualy sick - just incredibly tired all the time! Enjoy being one of the lucky ones!
  • Hi Gempot,
    I am now 19 weeks and can count the times I was sick on one hand. You might be fortunate like me and have a really good pregnancy (fingers crossed).

  • I agree, you might never get it - i am on my 2nd pregnancy & havent had it with either, i do find like LizB I am suffering terribly when i travel, unless i actually drive myself which i am fine with, i cant be a passenger anymore it just makes me feel so sick, other than that i've sailed through with nothing !!
  • I think i started feeling sick at about week7/8 and actually puking by week9/10 until week 20.. it was bad! Hopefully you'll be one of the lucky ones and by pass the whole sick thing.. fingers crossed!! x x
    Jen 40+2 x xx
  • I got my sicky days round 10-12 weeks, only a few days each week, phew, however starting to feel sick again during day but a tea biscuit is helping
  • i have been being violently sick for the past 12 weeks!! believe me, if u dont get morning sickness u are very very lucky!! ive even had to go and be sick in the middle of meals in restaurants and come back to carry on eating!! not every1 gets morning sickness, just pray u dont!!! xxx
  • I had bad morning sickness. I felt sick from about 4 weeks and was vomiting by 5 weeks. But a lot of women aren't actually sick, they just feel sick and go off certain foods.

    Count yourself lucky if you don't get it because it is horrible. I had to get my boyfriend to stop the car on the motorway so I could be sick...and run out of my lectures at uni and dash to the loo - it wasn't nice!

    If u do get it though, it usually fades by 12-16 weeks. I stopped feeling really bad at 10 weeks and I haven't been sick since 12 - all better!

    Gd luck with ur pregnancy.xxx
  • I started at about 5 weeks and carried on till about 14 weeks! I was sick so many times, including in the business class cabin on a flight to New York - had to use a sick bag as seat belt signs were on - you should have seen the way the air hostess looked at me cos I didn't look pregnant at all!
    I'll keep my fingers crossed you don't suffer from it!
    Enjoy your pregnancy - it goes so fast!
  • Hi Gempot, hopefully you'll be lucky like me and not experience any sickness or nausea at all. Apparently a third of women get neither of these so perhaps you're one of the lucky ones! :\) Good luck hun xx
  • hi

    i was only sick once and that was when i was in labour! you might be a lucky one too! xx
  • I didn't get morning sickness either. To be honest, most people I know haven't been particularly sick either.

    You hear so many horror stories about pregnancy and labour and I was terrified I'd be really ill in work. It was all in vain as I didn't get sick at all (I'm nearly 22 weeks now). Did get killer headaches though.


    J x
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