maybe i am being stupid but can someone help please !!!

hi i am 15 weeks pregnant with my first child maybe i am being stupid about this i dont know i keep getting nightmares that when i go for my 20 week scan they tell me that baby has died or that i have the baby early and havent got all the stuff i am thinking about it so much that i work myself up and end up sitting here crying to the point my mum and boyfriend has to call the doctor but there is only so much they can do cos they cant give me anything to calm me down the doctor has asked me to go down on monday but she said in the mean time keep telling myself everything is ok with the baby and to relax but i cant help but think about it please someone tell me i am just being stupid or is it natural to worry this much xxxx


  • hi, perfectly natural and it doesnt matter wheather its or first or tenth hun we all worrie, maybe you are getting a bit over worked up about it but you really must try to focus on the positives of this and how wonderful it is going to be to see your baby on your scan, you need to calm down not only for your sanity but also for that baby you are carrying, i am sure everything will be just fine and you will think how silly it was to worry so much x

    chloe 36+5
  • hya hun i woudnt get stressed out ova it dreams usually mean the opposite any way so take your dreams as a good sign dat ure goin to have a healthy pregnancy!!xx
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