I just couldnt keep away....

Hi ladies

I said i was keeping away until after my scan and i am......but just have 1 question for you all.

Has anyone got a 'summer' prenatal doppler - the kind with head phones from mothercare?

I have just bought one and wondered when u all first heard babies heart beta on it? it says form 21-28 weeks so not sure if you can buy more sensitive ones for ealier in pregnancy?

I am 11+4 and can only hear my own heart beat

has anyone heard their babies at 11 weeks on one of this type?




  • Replied in Aug forum chick x
  • I have an angels sounds doppler that I got from ebay. Its was ??20 and I heard my baby from 12 weeks


  • i never had one but i actually havent heard anyone say the summer one is good, i know a few people that had bought the summer one and then sold it to buy the angel sounds one cuz u can hear from really early on x
  • i have heard that the angelsounds one is best - i haven't heard much about the summer one. i picked up the heartbeat with my angel sounds one when i bought it at 13 weeks, but it all depends on how the baby is lying etc so don't worry if you don't find anything xxxx
  • Hi, gatecrashing here! I bought the one you are talking about and I never heard my baby's heartbeat on it, only my own. I tried nearly every day to find his hearbeat right until the end of my pregnancy but never once heard it! I think if he hadn't of kicked and moved about from very early on (14+3) I would of bought a different doppler but as he kicked so much all the time, I always knew he was ok!
  • Hi hun, iv heard the summer sounds one is the worst one you can get and the angel sounds (the one i have) is the best, i picked up heart beat on it at 12 weeks, but some have even earlier! some ladies have told me they could never find the heartbeat with the summer sounds. if i was you i would take it back (if possible) and get the angel sounds. you also dont need the gel with those ones, i just use baby oil
  • I have the summer one and it is pretty poor. My DH bought it for me during my first pregnancy which I thought was really sweet of him. I wasn't able to hear the hb until the third trimester if I had known about the angel sounds one I would have bought that instead. There were points early in this pregnancy that I really wish I had an angel sounds one.
  • i have an angel sounds doppler and heard my baby from 13 weeks xxx
  • looks like i might have to purchase an angel sounds - ??20 mummyagain -thats good i will have a look on ebay. i have destroyed the packaging from the other one so will have to keep it so need to fin one on ebay or somewhere as cheap as poss - he will think i am mad buying another one!! xx
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