Has anyone had backache but near the top of there back. I've had like a an ache between my shoulder blades for last few days. I wondered if anyone else has had this as i wasn't expecting it that high up and deffinatly not this soon I'm only 15 weeks. I should properbly add that none of my bras fit properly anymore but havent bought new ones yet. Its not like I have huge boobs though still haven't got anything on Jordon!! lol do you think they could be related? my hubby think not.

Thanks X


  • Hiya, i started getting back ache at around 14-15 weeks too, mostly at the bottom but i have also been getting the odd pain under my shoulder blade on one side. I think this is due to sitting differently because of my growing bump. Perhaps this is why your getting back ache further up? it could well be to do with your boobs though, they do weigh quite a bit and if you havent had the proper support that will put strain on your back!
    I think you should make hubby give you regular massages to ease the ache!!
  • Hi hun - I get backache both lower and high up, my physio said the high up pain is just posture - your posture naturally changes with pregnancy. She suggested to me that I sit up straight and try to sit on a birth ball rather than the sofa - easier said that done! If you're still wearing heels it might be time to stop as well - I laughed when she told me that coz I haven't worn all my lovely heels for months now! xxx
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