More bleeding and pelvic pain???

Hi girls,

Im experiencing a little more bleeding today more in my discharge tho im not too worried about that as iv got no tummy or back ache. However I have pain in my right side of my pelvis that can be quite painful if i move at different angles - any thoughts? x


  • That could be ligament stretching - I get this when I stretch sometimes, tho it's both sides sometimes. Just keep at the forefront of your mind that you've got a heartbeat in there!! Keep taking it easy xx
  • It might just be your ligaments stretching, can feel painful near the hips. If you're really worried you could ring your mw up for a bit of reassurance. It's good that you're having less bleeding, hope it stops soon. xxx
  • Thanks weeza - im sure you must all be sick of me going on but i just worry soooo much and if i dont talk about it and get some reasurance
    from you lovely ladies I would end up driving myself potty. x
  • I dont get it soo much now but in the early stages used to get bad shooting pains down one side or the other!
    Defo ligaments stretching - another good sign for you!!!!
    Noone is getting sick of you - thats why we are here - to give and receive advice babe.
    Love Lee
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