Heartburn! Help!

My heartburn keeps getting worse by the day! I'm drinking milk and taking Gaviscon. Any words of wisdom? Not eating anything spicy or lying down after eating.
Thanks ladies


  • i get it really bad at nite. ive been takin rennies 4 it seems 2 b doin the trick x
  • i've just seen my mw today! i told her i have started to get heartburn she told me to hold off the gaviscon for as long as pos cos it becomes in effective she said to keep taking the rennies i brought! for now. try the duel action ones and see if they help! i hope you feel better soon!xx
  • my hb is the same.... i live off gaviscon !!!

    my dr told me to eat small meals and make sure you empty your bowels (sorry tmi) so your not so squashed.



  • isn't it a nightmare?!!

    Gaviscon had no effect whatsoever for me. I drank gallons of milk and ate natural yoghurt and rennies when really bad-the chewy ones seemed to work best. Def better if eat small amounts and not too late. I got it really bad at nighttime and found propping up with lots of pillows and lyig with really straight back with chin raised helped (recovery position sort of) it went away if lay on back but tguess that depends on how far along you are!

    Guess we are all going to be having hairy babies!!
  • i was told to take rennies n it worked good for me but takes time to work. it is getting worse each day
  • Dunno if this will work for u but my freind swears by a teaspoon of sugar ( her names not mary poppins lol ) its worth a try hun x x


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