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anyone went into labour naturally with 2nd, after being indu

has anyone went into labour naturally with 2nd (or more) after having to be induced with first.? (and were they late/early/on time)

i was induced at 10 days late with first and wonder if this means ill prob need induced with second?

is it just different for differetn babies, or is it my body that cant do it itself as such?

my mum had to be induced with both me and my brother, has that got any link to me?;19;29/st/20080523/dt/5/k/1ec5/preg.png


  • Hiya! Your body can do it itself, you might just have longer pregnancies than other women. It is safer to be induced after 42 weeks though. If you don't want to be induced this time you could suggest they book you in at 40+14 rather than 40+10 because the chance of going naturally increases every day.

    It can depend on the mother....but it also depends on the baby. My OH's mum has 4 kids: 1st born at 38 weeks, 2nd at 29 weeks (!!!), 3rd at 42 weeks, and last one was born on the exact due date!!!

  • I'll look forward to reading any answers to this one cos I was also induced 10 days late with my first(although I was already dilating had to go on drip to regulate contractions and had waters broken). I'm a bit worried about needing to be induced again.

  • I was induced with my son as I went overdue by two weeks but when I had another baby 5 years later he came on his exact due date and I went into labour naturally so it probably just depends on the baby and not your body.When I was induced I was only in labour a few hours and wasnt in that much pain but when I went into labour naturally I was in labour for nearly 24 hours and was in so much pain and the birth was a lot worse so I am kind of hoping I will be induced this time aswell so that the labour is a lot shorter and better lol x x
  • Aargh, please don't tell me the natural labour was worse! :cry:

    Don't think I can cope with days of contractions!

  • Hi I'll be reading any replies on this too. I had to be induced with my first at 42+2. I'm hoping to go into labour naturally with this one hopefuly a couple of weeks early but we'll see!
  • i'm gatecrashing but i was induced at 42 weeks with my first ds, second ds i went into labour naturally 1 week early! and it was faster and less painful!!
    hope the same thing for you ladies =D
  • I was induced with my first for med reasons, and I was due to be with my 2nd but I went into labour the night before on my own. still was given the prostin to help me along though.
  • Hi
    I went 10 days over with my 1st and was induced.With my 2nd I went into labour naturally and she arrived on her due date so it can be done.
    Good luck with your 2nd labour xxxxx
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