oh my word! Laura and Ruth in bottom two. What is going on?

Is it just me or does x factor seem to be a massive farce this year??


  • OMG,, no really what the hell is going on?? i do like laura, she has an amazing voice but i have to say out of the two she was the right one to go home, ruth ROCKED at knocking on heavens door!
    neither of them should have gone, there are at least 2 that are definatley wosre singers than both of them.



  • how the hell did laura go she has the most amzing voice ever, and they is still ppl in who cant sing a tune, louie only said laura coz she is a fav to win and he doesnt want that coz he wants jls to win, he made the wrong choice last week and defo this week, its a fix x
  • DOnt even start me! something strange is defo going on here, i think i am going to stop watching and voting because the wrong people are going.
  • there will b uproar here in bolton i can tell ya !
    1 thing iv decided is watch x factor whilst being pregnant is not good for the hormones, my eyes are actually sore through cryin :lol:
  • omg i can't believe it i came on here this morning to find out who went cuz i missed the last part. Out of the two Ruth should have gone but even then I don't think either of them should have been in the bottom two. Its getting crap now!
  • Agreed. I couldn't believe it. I feel so bad for Laura, she has such an amazing voice and has clearly got close to having her big break before.
    Poor girl. Daniel and that dreadful child Eoghan should have been in the bottom two ( apols if that offends). Dh thinks I am mad for crying at Xfactor, at least now I can blame it on the pg hormones!
  • Yes i totally agree, just posted similar topic before i noticed you had aswell lol.

    Its a total fix!!

    Sharon x


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