help! i need something to wear xmas day

hi girls,

wondered if anyone has seen any nice maternity trousers any where that aren't basic black stretch trousers! :roll:

I've got a lunch to go to in December and of course there is Christmas day and I want something smart to wear. All my 'smart' non-work trousers getting a bit tight (I'm about 11 1/2 weeks) so by Christmas I'll be really struggling! I dont want to buy regular trousers cos i wont get too much wear out of them so ideal to get some maternity trousers. Have done a bit of an internet shop and everyone seams to stock jeans or black trousers! (I wear black trousers a lot at work so i'm a bit loathe to wear them on my time off).

Anyone seen any nice daytime smart (but not workwear) kind of trousers/outifts that would be suitable for someone around 13-15 weeks? All suggestions welcome! Budget not too important - as long as i find something nice!


ps - my legs aren't exactly long and they're a bit 'curvy' round the thighs so sexy skinny leg trousers ruled out :cry:

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  • next/next clearance do some really nice maternity clothes, i have got a gorgeous pair of jeans and some lovely tops from there, will probably keep wearin them after lol! Really comfey and they do the different leg lengths too, ideal when im only 5'2" hehe.
  • There are loads of nice maternity clothes, I started buying them at about 15 weeks and got quite a collection already (and she wonders why shes skint!) I went to a robbie williams tribute night on Sun and I wore a lovely top from Peacocks and some leggings which is a good alternative. I was feeling brave!
    All the trousers I've got so far are combats which is better for me cos I'm NOT the dressing-up type but H&M has some great maternity clothes, as does dotty p. x x x
  • thanks girls - i'll need to have a look in H& M actually, I haven't been there yet. I'll definitely not be wearing leggings though - i really really dont have the legs for it! Jeans not really suitable either unfortunately, for the lunch i'm going to. I think when it comes to regular clothes i'll be living in combats too!

    Keep the suggestions coming - desperately seeking trousers that are smart and not black!
  • Hi, I am also 12 weeks and am just squeezing in to my own clothes at the mo, but tried on some maternity pants and am not ready for them just yet...any ideas on how i can wear my own clothes without flashing my knicks at the world, or shops with good 'early bump' style trousers/jeans?

    p.s Red Herring at Debenhams had some lovely crops in the other week....they were black though im afraid!
  • hmmm, black crops might be ok if they weren't too short - have some nice black kitten heels.... It's just the whole black trouser thing - i feel like i'm at work!

    re: your clothing dilemma listef - you could get some bump bands which mean you can wear your regular clothes for longer. i think someone posted on hear that topshop do them.
  • Take a look on the Isabella Oliver website - they do lots of fashionable clothes. I have a couple of their skirts and tops, and their wrap around dress. I hope you like what you see. I have been wearing their stuff since I was about 13 weeks, and it has kept its quality despite many washes, and still fits well.
  • Thanks for that, will have a look in Topshop.

    I work in an office too so hate wearing black pants, but i generally think if your top is glam enough they wont look anything like work pants! Red Herring would prob be good for your 'curvy thighs' as the sizes are quite generous.

    good luck with clothes shoppig at this time of year chick!

  • Thanks everyone! Cath, those trousers from topshop look really nice - how was the size compared to your regular pre-pg size? I find i usually have to go up a size in topshop trousers even before taking pregnancy into account!
  • Hi,

    Try New Look. Obviously depending on the size of your local store they generally have a good selection. I brought a couple of Christmas outfits recently from there and picked up some real bargains.

    Good luck

  • Hi,
    I'm having the same problem, really don't feel myself and want to look a bit smart for Christmas! I'm abaout the same as you, nearly16 weeks. I bought my christmas party dress from (apparently Myleen Klass got her stuff from there - and she looked gorgeous!) They have a few bits on there for various occasions, mine is a cocktail dress and was ??65 but they have all kinds on there. Good luck x
  • hurrah! i now have something to wear on xmas day. i got the cropped trousers from red herring in the end and they were a bit of a bargain! If they still fit when i'm bigger i can wear them to work in the spring too! My local topshop is a bit rubbish so might order those other trousers online.

    thanks also for the tip on picchu maternity - i hadn't come accross them before and they have some very nice bits and pieces; i'll definitely look again there when i'm a bit bigger and need to buy more stuff.
  • Actually, my black 'cocktail dress' as it is called from Picchu arrived in the post today and its LOVELY. Very flattering and i am looking forward to wearing it and not feeling like a frump at my Christmas party. Highly recommended.

    I think on-line is definitely the way to go, Next and Topshop too. Glad you found something you wanted in the end xx
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