Increase in SMP from 5th April 2009

Hi all,

I just wanted to let you all know that SMP is increasing! I got this information from my DH and off the website. It's not much but I'm grateful for anything extra as DH and I both work full time and earn over ??60 between us so not entitled to much else. Hope this helps some of you!


How much SMP you will get
If you get SMP, your employer will pay you 90 per cent of your average weekly earnings for the first six weeks, then up to ??117.18 (??123.06 from 5 April 2009) for the remaining 33 weeks. You pay tax and National Insurance in the same way as on your regular wages. Your employer reclaims the majority of SMP from their National Insurance contributions and other payments. To qualify for SMP you must pay tax and National Insurance as an employee (or would pay if you earned enough or are old enough).


  • Thanks I did hear something about this but wasn't sure whether it was true.Like you said its not much but its better than nothing!

  • My maternity leave starts on 14 April so does that mean after my 90% I should be getting the ??123??

    like others say it's only ??20 a month extra but better than a kick in the teeth!
  • Every penny counts image x
  • anyone know if they have increased paternity pay to? or just mat pay? x
  • Moomin, I called my HR department earlier to ask if I'd get the new amount (start Mat Leave on 31st April) and they said I do get the new amount so may be worth checking with your HR dept. I'm lucky as I get full pay for the first 15 weeks of Mat Leave but DH doesn't get any money for Pat Leave as he's not been at the company long enough.

    Upsy_daisy - I couldn't find anything about Pat leave so would assume this will be staying the same.

  • i just found this
    Statutory Maternity Pay
    10. In regulation 6 of the Statutory Maternity Pay (General) Regulations 1986(37) (prescribed rate of statutory maternity pay) for ?????????117.18??????? substitute ?????????123.06???????.

    Statutory Paternity Pay and Statutory Adoption Pay
    11. In the Statutory Paternity Pay and Statutory Adoption Pay (Weekly Rates) Regulations 2002(38)????????

    (a) in regulation 2(a) (weekly rate of payment of statutory paternity pay) for ?????????117.18??????? substitute ?????????123.06???????; and
    (b) in regulation 3(a) (weekly rate of payment of statutory adoption pay) for ?????????117.18??????? substitute ?????????123.06???????.

    so looks like pat pay is going up as well! good good! x
  • Great! I don't have an HR department so might have to contact our Payroll company direct to ask. Before they confirmed to me I'd be getting ??117.18 so not sure if they'll automatically update this or if they need to be reminded.
    thanks for posting this though
  • Excellent! me and OH earn a pittance between us so although we can claim benefits when bubs is born, the extra ??24 a month will help!


  • My payroll dept told me this yesterday. Every penny counts - and when you're getting this little it matters even more!!! Can't believe my company only pays stat mat pay. Sucks image
  • Our office manager showed me my maternity leave pay breakdown yesterday and it already included the new amount!
  • Hi Ladies, sorry, i may be being thick, but i can't find a link to this, which i will need to show to my payroll lady. Any help?
  • Has anyone seen the article today in the daily mail about how the EU wants to make Britain pay Maternity pay at 18 weeks full for working mums? I think this would be great!! Lots of comments on the website though about how mothers choose to have kids and don't deserve anything!

    Amazing as these people all had/have mums, would they have wanted them to go without any money and struggle?!
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