Got 12 week scan on Monday 23rd

Hi Ladies

I am really looking forward to it, for those of you that have been following my posts I had brown spotting for a week at 6 weeks, had a scan at 7 weeks and all was fine. Still got symptons, weeing for England, hungary and boobs are still a bit sore, can't sleep tossing and turning and constipated tmi sorry.
I got an Angle sounds Doppler yesterday to use but had trouble finding heartbeat we found our own fine. Tried with baby lotion, so last night hubby decided to give it another go, he wanted to hear Mojo's heart beaking ( hubby's nickname for baby) I had bio oil on and he think he heard it but I laughed and he could not find it again, will keep trying, still being positive especially as I have a lovely bump already, hopefully I won't be huge!

Really looking forward to 12 week scan on Monday at 9.15, I have added bump photo for those of you that that have not already seen it.

Taken at 9+5

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  • Hi R1975

    Iam like you got my scan tues afternoon can not wait even though i had spotting at 6-8 weeks had scans then all was fine your bump is the same as mine.Iam really tired and hungry and having problems sleeping from the day I found out.I think the mind is doing over time also I keep feeling strecting pains.

    12 weeks today
  • Thanks Djay the only thing that yu have got I have'nt is the stretching pains.

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