i need help im starting to worry now!!!

evening ladies
exactly 1 week ago i went to the midwife for a check up bump size was fine heartbeat was nice and strong etc BUT she said i had protien in my wee and my blood pressure was only slightly high so she asked me to go back today which i did the thing is there is still protien in my wee and my blood pressure was even higher everything else was fine bump size and heartbeat etc so i had some blood taken there and then (ouch when a guy takes ur blood) and was given the tube thingy to take them a wee sample tommorrow and she said if they find anything i will get a call telling me to go straight to the hospital so now im thinking shit wtf could be that serious????
i dont really understand because my blood pressure has beem fine throughout the pregnancy im now 28 weeks btw

please help me ladies what could this be?????


  • thanks zoey means alot xx
  • I think Zoey might be right. It sounds very much like pre-eclampsia, but I wouldn't worry until you know for definite. Remember, the more you worry yourself, the higher your bp will go. I'm sure there are loads of things it could be, most probably nothing to worry about. Thinking of you! Love Rachel XXX
  • The protein could also be a sign of a urine infection.So you may just need some antibiotics.Try not to worry.Take care Julie x
  • The mw sound like they are been very on the ball and wanting to find out if there is a problem. Its better that they do these checks so if there is anything wrong they can get it sorted. Sure everything will be fine but try not to worry coz that will not help ur blood pressure in the slightest. Gud luck honey and let us know how u get on. Kerry xxx

  • thanks girls its very hard not to worry but i will try xx
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