What do I need to do before a scan?


Me again! Calmed down a lot from earlier when I was having a big panic and feel slightly reassured as I've booked myself in for a private scan tonight.

The woman who booked me in said I needed a 'full bladder' and that was all. I've had a abdominal/transviriginal scan before (not to do with pregnancy) and the instructions then were not to eat anything four hours before and to drink about a pint and a half of water 1 hour before the scan. The latest lady didn't seem to think I needed to avoid food. I'm presuming pregnancy scans are slightly different from others as your stomach will have moved. What advice was everyone else given prior to the scan? How much did you drink? I'm 7+3 not sure if this makes a difference as to how much they can see.



  • Hi Hon, as far as I am aware you just need a full bladder for a scan. I have never heard of not eating before. Just make sure you drink plenty. May be a good idea to take a sample with you too as I knwo I was asked for one at my 12 weeks scan. Tammi x
    25+5 Weeks
  • Hi,
    I had a tummy scan at 10 weeks, and went to the loo about an hour before, then drank just about a pint of water, and it was fine. I still had my breakfast and it was fine, but I did (risk of tmi here!) have a 'bowel movement' as they nicely put it, not long before, which they said helped, as sometimes the bowel gets in the way. Not sure how you can time that though! Hope this helps!
  • Hello, hope I can help. I had my early scan at 6+5. I had an abdominal one and it all showed up clear, even got to see the heartbeat. I didn't need to avoid food at all but I was told to go in with a full bladder. I drank quite a lot - probably at least a pint of water - about half an hour before we left. xxx
  • Thanks for the info. will just drink plenty of fluids and hope that they can see the baby via the abdominal scan. I know last time I had one done (non-pregnancy reasons) they said the water hadn't made it's way down to the bladder even though I followed their instructions to the letter, so will probably try and drink even more this time and sit with my legs crossed all afternoon!

    A huge thanks to everyone who has responded to my posts this afternoon - I can't tell you how much they've reassured me and made me feel loads better. BE is fab! xxx
  • I drank too much before my 12 week scan and got told off cos my bladder was squishing baby!! Think you need to think about how quickly your bladder gets filled up normally - I'm terrible, and was in absolute agony by the time it came to the scan!!!
  • Ditto Mrs S, I drank too much, was 3/4 hour late going in for scan, in agony only to see my LO merrily bouncing on my bladder. Didn't get a good scan pic cos he just wouldn't keep still!

    I was told you need some fluid, just a couple small cups of water while you sit in the waiting room maybe, no need to go overboard!

    Good luck x
  • Any news hun? xxxx
  • Hi Tiger Lily

    Thanks for asking about how things went - really well is the answer! The baby is fine - the consultant could see from an abdominal scan, and we heard the heartbeat which was amazing (bit weird to get you head around, a heart beating in your tummy!). I was getting a bit desperate for the loo by the time I went in for the scan, and busting when I came out! It was like that scene in Austin Powers when I finally found a loo (sorry tmi!) :lol:

    The private hospital was like a hotel - very posh! I told my DH if private patients gave birth there I would be first on this list :lol: - he wasn't impressed!
  • Oooh that's fantastic - I just knew things would be fine xxx
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