Is it ok not to have this at 27 weeks.....

Just wanted to get some varied opinions on a couple of things!

1) Lots of people have been talking about having leaking nipples for a few weeks now and I haven't had any at all. I have heard this can be a bad sign for breastfeeding? Has anyone not leaked til later on and been ok breastfeeding? Or, should I really have had some leaking by now?

2) My OH still can't feel anything when he touches my bump, and I am not sure I can even see anything when she kicks! Is this normal / ok or should it be more obvious by now? I can definitely feel regular kicks each day and they are quite strong. I just can't see / feel them from the outside!

Any advice / comments / opinions welcomed!


Tara 27 weeks today!


  • Hi lovely

    Please don't worry as we are all so different!

    I've had 3 episodes of leaking nipples and once hubby thought it'd be funny to try and squeeze some stuff out of them :roll: (did work tho!)

    He has felt baby move, but only a few times, mainly as he gets bored waiting for it to happen as its so unpredictable.

    Its only in the last week or so that I have seen my belly move from the outside because Angus's kicks have been so strong. However, we've not seen anything freaky like hands or feet poking out yet (sorry I do find that weird personally!!!) and to be honest, doubt we will as I am too podgy!

    Hope this helps a bit xxxxx

  • Personally I leaked very minimally with my 10 month old DD. It was literally around 37 weeks. I had no problems breastfeeding her, but decided to stop at 6 weeks because she was hungry all the time. This time round I started leaking about 20 weeks. Every pregnancy is different hun, so dont worry if you do/dont leak. It shouldnt affect your ability to breastfeed.

    Secondly, I am now 25 weeks with my second and feel only slight movements. I certainly feel my 10 a day, however my stomach doesnt move all over the place, and I certainly cant feel him moving externally. I know I have an anterior placenta, so this is partly the reason. My belly was moving all over with my first. Again, every pregnancy is different. Providing youre feeling movement and its at a normal rate, I would say theres nothing to be too concerned about. Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy! Not long left!
  • Hi

    Don't worry - i never leaked before or after and had great brf boobs which never embarrased me with the soggy top look.

    I never saw any movement and OH barely able to feel babe but she was born a healthy 9lb 11oz - so we have no idea where she was hiding!

    Good luck
  • Thanks everyone! I think I just overly panic as I have had very little symptoms as such (I am not complaining!) and it is my 1st image

    I have tried to get OH to touch the area where she is kicking, but she is stubborn and stops! lol xx It could be that he has hot hands and she doesn't like the heat?

    gemsie24 - I am soo glad you said that as I hadn't even thought about my anterior placenta! Maybe that could explain it aswell re the movement! I am definitely feeling my 10 movements and can near enough pin point when they will happen so I am not worried from that respect image
  • i've not had an leakage as yet i'm not to worried as boobs are bloody huge so there's got to be something happening!!lol
    also it took my oh ages to see any movement let alone feel it! i say quick he's moving and his reaction is so delayed he misses it every time.
    carlt 28+1
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