overweight when concieved???????

Hi Girls just popped over here fron the trying for a baby forum and wondered how many people were overweight when they concieved???


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  • me! lol! when i conceived i was 10.5 stone and i'm only 4ft 11 so i was definately definately overweight.




  • Rache i was 13 st 6lb when i conceived and i'm only 5ft 4". i'm now nearly 15 stone at 30 weeks preg. so i was about 4 stone overweight before.
  • Hi

    I was about 4 stone overweight when I concieved my first and it took about 4 months. Was 2 stone overweight with number 2 and it took 1 month to conceive

  • Yes, I am about 3 stone overweight (eek!) and I am 6 weeks pregnant !
    took 2 months to concieve and I am already worrying about loosing the weight after !!

  • Thanks girls it does make me feel a little better as with BMI I am classed as obese which is very depressing especially when books say that there is much less chance of concieving when overweight!!!

  • Hi Rache,

    I know just how you feel, I am 38 as well, which I though gave us an even lesser chance of conceiving, but I managed to get pregnant ! So dont worry I am sure things will be OK.

  • Hi Lilac thankyou. I am actually 25 so I am hoping I have at least got age on my side!! ha ha xxxx
  • i too was 13st8lb when i concieved this baby (number 3) and it was our third month of trying x
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