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Im trying to get myself all sorted (glad I started early to be honest, if id left much longer I dont think I would have anything sorted before baby was born) and while doing my hospital bag Im toying with getting always night pads rather then the proper maternity ones.
I was just wondering what everyone else is getting, do you think ill regret getting the biggest always I can find and would be better off with proper maternity ones? Its just the proper maternity ones dont look very comfortable;10051;28/st/20080729/dt/5/k/9e45/preg.png


  • Last time round my midwife told me to stick with the maternity ones as apparantly the other ones have a different top sheet which can stick to any tears or stitches you might have. I have bought maternity ones this time round as well but I suppose you could get enough proper maternity ones for the first few days and then swap if you have no stitches.
  • Thanks Zoey, that makes sense to be honest-I think ill do that, I suppose even if I could get away with the always, id prefer to use the proper maternity ones when I dont need them as much then to not get any and regret it.
    My sister had a lot of trouble with her last, she said she had to go to the toilet every 10 min to change her pad while she was in hospital and kept staining her pj's....didnt wanna wear a nighty because she'd have it running down her leg....Im not sure if she just went with normal pads or not, but I know she was talking about it.
    I might go for the huge nappy type maternity throw away knickers just to be sure actually image;10051;28/st/20080729/dt/5/k/9e45/preg.png

  • ooo-I didnt think of stiches, yeah I'll def go with the maternity ones now you've said that (my sister was lucky with both of hers, she had horrible labours but didnt need any stitches-I can see me being more like my mum and having to have loads of them);10051;28/st/20080729/dt/5/k/9e45/preg.png

  • The mw prefer the maternity one also, especially for the first few days, as if there's a problem with the blood loss at all, they shud be able to tell whereas with the Always type, it soaks away too quickly. I used 1 & 1/2 pack of maternity pads and was able to go back to my trusted Always pads bout 3 days after the birth of my 4th. Can't remember the time scales for the others lol
  • I think cheap/disposable knickers, proper maternity pads & cheapo nighties from primark at ??3 each all to be binned on discharge are the way to go!!!
  • I only bled a lot for the first few days then it went light. Maternity pads are useless because they don't stay in place and I'm not sure if you can get ones with wings! I would get Always maxi (the thick ones) next time. I used always ultra after the first few days and they were SO much better and more absorbent....maternity pads about as useful as cotton wool lol. I expect they'd be nice and "cushiony" if you had a natural birth, so thats a plus, but I had a caesarean xxx
  • Oh yes....dont get the ones I got (boots maternity pads) blimmin useful I leaked & bled all over the hospital loo floor (NICE)!!!!!
  • I found the maternity pads that I bought from Toys'r'us the best. Some brands have a heavy pastic layer to them that made me too hot and sweaty (sorry if tmi), the last thing you need is thrush! And cheap BIG BIG knickers are a good idea, the ones i bought kept rolling down and cutting across my c-section wound (had to ask MIL to go out and buy some big knickers for me!).
  • hi girls!
    i'm sorry to say this, as a general rule always (etc) are more comfortable, but whilst you are in hospital, it is a lot easier for midwives (am one of them!) if you wear maternity pads.
    mummyx5 hit the nail on the head - we can tell how much you bleed with them, whereas Always absorbs it away from the surface, and we cannot assess accurately.
    (got mine from boots, tesco - didnt like mothercare as not long enough and leaked at the back!)
  • comment about sticking to stitches & tears brought tears to my eyes! OW!!!!

    how many do we acctually need to bring to the hospital? i've brought a normal packet of maternity pads from mother care think they are about 12 ... do i need more?? & should i get diffrent ones? xx
  • I got through a pack in 24hrs so you might want to get another pack to be on the safe side.
    I found Tesco the best ones, they are comfy and I had a lot of stitches and the padding really helped, but like everything everyones bodies are different so you might find they suit you better.x
  • a couple of packs should be enough, but always leave things you think you might run out of (ie pads, baby clothes etc) in clear view for your oh to collect for you! let's be honest, unless they jump up and bite them, men can never find thing, can they!!!
  • I used a brand called DR. Whites when i had my first and i thought they were more absorbant than maternity towels and my chemist recomended them to me. I think I ended up going through 4 packs in the end.

  • Hi hun

    I must admit i just used normal pads when i had my son and had no problems at all and i lots of stiches, as i had to be cut twice. Not saying they will work for everyone though. My hospital has maternity pads in the toilets of the maternity ward so you can just help yourself. Not sure if all hospitals have this though x
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