my hubby woke me up....

well...last night my hubby woke me up to tell me that baby bump was moving about a!!!! he is not feeling too good so must have just been laying awake with his hand on my tummy while i was sleeping..i think he was shocked at how much baby moves around sometimes. it made me chuckle that he was the one to wake me up and comment on how much baby is moving...surely it should be the other way around!!

bailey_b 28weeks tomorrow


  • lol that made me laugh, I want to say it's sweet but I don't know if that's the word I'm looking for.. I hope you know what I mean!
  • oh bless him - thats lovely! my OH saw baby move the other night without having to touch it!! xx

  • im having my first and my hubby got freaked out when he saw it moving about, he actually jumped.

    the look on his face was priceless!!

    33 + 2
  • aw that's really nice! my OH really loves feeling the baby move, he's going to notice a huge difference when he arrives over in a few weeks as you couldn't really see it from the outside at new year!

    back to the hot chocolate...... (insomnia... :roll: )
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