just a hello from a newbie

hi this is just to say that im a new mum to be due in october and 12 weeks, got my 1st scan in 2 weeks and really have no idea what to expect throughout the whole pregnancy except of course the end result of a baby lol so any one wanting to chat be good to evan maybe find a buddie x


  • hi newmum, welcome to the ups and downs of pregnancy! lol im 21 weeks with my 1st baby (a lil boy) and due aug 7th. i felt pretty good up until 12 weeks then my sickness kicked in big time image still feeling a bit on the yucky side but am regulary cheered up by my lo kicking like crazy image bet you cant wait for your 1st scan, its amazing! i had my 20 week scan last week and he wouldnt stay still for a pic in the end, naughty already!
    shaz xx
  • hiya

    ive had my first scan and it was great, although the sonographer wasnt very chatty or explained what anything was, so hopeing the 20 wk scan in 4 weeks time is better lol. im a little dissapointed that ive not felt baby move yet. and i have the joy of buying bigger clothes this week as none of my trousers fit very well now, all a little tight lol least baby is growing though.
    hows things with you anyway?
    take care
    claire :\)
  • Hi.
    It's all fun from here on in hun :lol:
    Welcome to the mad house. I'm 11 weeks or there abouts (1st scan on 15th May) this is number two for me but my son is 10 so it's like starting new. :lol:

    Where are you from?

    Caroline (from Crawley)
  • Hey newmum33
    congrats on being pregnant, hope your first scan goes well, remember if you dont understand anything in the scan ask the sonographer as mine was really horrible in first scan. and if you got any problems let us all now im sure youll get some good advice on here.

    Donna 38+6
  • Hey!x Just wanted to say hi, I'm very new to all this too. Just found out I'm pregnant, only 6 weeks gone and due December 24th, would u believe it!!
    And like newmum33 I have no idea about anything at the moment! so advice would be great.

    From what everyone is saying, the first scan sounds really exciting, can't wait! feels like ages away though image

    Grug - Wales

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  • Hi I'm new too..

    Only 8+1 weeks...and living in Australia a million miles away from my family! Had a scan last week and saw the flicker of a heartbeat, but as I had a miscarriage before Xmas, I'm a little nervous.

    So glad I've found this site!

    P.S Vitally important question - how do you add a ticker!!!!
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