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Anyone had acupuncture for morning sickness?

Was wondering if anyone has tried this as i am thinking of giving it a go. I am 9+4 and feeling sick all day long although i havent been sick. Just need to try anything that might help
Laura x


  • hiya, not sure about acupuncture but have you tried the sickness bands? they may help
  • Hi,
    Yes, I was very badly sick and lost a stone in at 11 weeks went for actupuncture and found it to be brilliant and had a session each week for three worked almost immediately (only threw up once a week instead of 24/7) really recommend this...
    also where I live there was a drop in clinic so it only cost ??15 instead of ??48 as there were other people in the room but it was still very relaxing...good luck!

  • I had terrible morning sickness last time i was pg and the sickness bands where fantastic. I have started going for accupuncture to try with helping to concieve. I asked the accupucturist and he said they work on the same points as the bands and it is very sucessful.
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