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20 Week scan

Hi ladies

We have our 20 week scan tomorrow and was just wondering if you could let me know all the things they checked for at yours?

Want to make sure they don't miss anything! (esp after they missed debris in the amniotic fluid which was picked up at a private scan....but that's another story)

Thanks, NN 20+4 xxx

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  • They checked all the baby's measurements - length of femur, circumference of tummy and head. Plus looked at the brain, heart, spine. Check where the placenta is as well.

    Think that was it... xx

  • Wow you are half way now babe!! So excited !! image

    They will check everything out at your scan tomorrow - all the organs to make sure everything is in the right place and functioning properly. They will take measurements like they have before, to make sure the growth is on track. Check the spine, limbs, hands, feet, facial features. Basically a big check of everything! Then if there is no reason for concern they should send you on your way, without calling you back for any more scans. Some places take a urine sample (mine didn't bother :evil: ) so personally I would ask for this if they don't so you are checked for proteins or sugars in your urine. Same thing with your bloods (again, they didn't bother at mine!!)
  • Just wanted to say good luck for your scan tomorrow xx
  • Thanks Mithical and Sim! :\)

    Sim - how are you and Brody doing? Hope you are both keeping well :\) I am seeing my MW on Wednesday too so will take a sample there. Don't think I'm due any more bloods until either 24 or 28 weeks...can't remember which. We also have a growth scan at just over 26 weeks as we're consultant led. It's sad but you have to keep on top of the Drs and nurses sometimes! :roll:

    Love NN 20+4 xxx

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  • Just seen your reply too honey - thank you very much! :\) xxx
  • Oh I hear you honey. We are the same, particularly my hubby - I have to hold him back some times!! I just had bloods done at 28wks.
    We are doing great, and Brody is doing fabulous in there. Madly moving about ALL THE TIME! I wonder if he ever sleeps?? Bit like his mumma! On the home stretch now...still no nursery! hubby is STILL staining the chest of drawers :lol:

  • Oh I am so glad you are both doing well :\)

    You shall have to show me some pictures of your nursery when it's done! I just LOVE seeing nursery pics.....can't wait till we start ours! image

    Love NN 20+4 xxx

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  • Best of luck!! x
  • Thanks Kimmy! :\)

    Am counting down the hours...getting nervous.

    Love NN 20+5 xxx

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  • Just wanted to say all the best for your scan!
    Lilou x
  • oh my goodness - 20 weeks already - baby will be here in no time!!

    1.Check that your baby is developing normally.
    2.Have a look at where the placenta is lying in your uterus
    3.Check there is only one baby (!!)
    4.Check the sex
    5.Check the spine
    6.Check the face and head
    7.Check the babys heart and kidneys
    8.Check the babys stomach, hands and feet
    9.Check the Ambilical cord and amniotic fluid

    The following measurements should be taken and written on your chart:

    head circumference (HC)
    head diameter (biparietal diameter or BPD)
    abdominal circumference (AC)
    femur or thigh bone (FL)

    (P.s. no point comparing measurements with others, we did this is Due in Aug and everyones measurements differed a little!! So you get worried for nothing!!)

    Good luck xxx

    MKB 40+8 (come on baby)!!
  • Good luck NN, hope all is well honey. It must feel so good to be half way!!!

    Ps MKB, hope your baby comes soon xxx

    SH 14+1
  • Hey NN

    Just wanted to say good luck with the scan today, it is amazing, make sure you enjoy it. Glad to hear you and little one are doing well.

    Let us know how you get on.

    Beenie 25+3 xxxx
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