9 days over due !

well everyone i was due on the 10th and i'm climbng the walls! the only thing thats keeping me sane is re-cleaning everything i've already cleaned 4 times over!

i could list every item i have for baby off the top of my head, i have packed and unpacked everything a million times! i'm slowly goin insane! and to top it off was suppose to go in tomoz to be induced! was told to ring tonight to check that thers a bed available which i did and was told to ring back at 9.30 as the night staff would have a better idea and then was told to ring back at 7 in the morning!

and also they asked me what i was goin in for whether it was one thing or another and i didn't know coz last time i saw a doctor at the hospital she didn't even tell me what day to come in to be induced never mind what i was having!!

sorry just needed to have a moan! i'm gettin really frustrated and felt like the midwife was practically laughin at me for not knowing!

i've suggested that i'm better off tryin to find a stable but my sister in law said it might be a bit hard to find 3 wise men and a donkey at such short notice!

grrrrrrrr i'm so annoyed!!!!


  • I can understand why ur annoyed!! Sounds like the hospital are completely disorganised :roll:

    I hope I dont go that far overdue as I'm desperate to meet my little boy already and I'm only 21+2!!!

    Hope it happens soon x x
  • I totally sympathise, I'm not due until the 28th and am already totally fed up! Don't think its helped that everyone has been telling me I would definately have the baby early as he has been head down and ready for weeks. Had period pains on and off for the last week or so, back pain, bad pains in my hips/ pelvis and every time I start to think 'is this it?'. Driving me crazy! I am so uncomfortable now I can only imagine how you are feeling! My midwife said to me yesterday 'oh but you won't want him to come until the new year now will you', I looked at her and said 'I want him out now!!'.

    Sounds like the hospital is really messing you around, don't take any rubbish from them. They are supposed to be the experts on all this not you so they should be able to look at your notes and know exactly what you are booked in for. Really hope you get your induction and get to meet you lo soon!
    Let us know on the December board when you do and I will add you to the list of December babies! =)

    Liz xxx
  • hope baby makes an appearence soon hun.xx
  • hi babyboo, i totally understand how u feel i went 10 days overdue with my 1st before being induced and it was the longest days of my life!!

    I too cleaned like a champ repacked my hospital bag, typed up my birthplan cause i felt this would make things clearer for the MW and slowley drove myself insane!

    And i swear i would've have punched the next person to ask
    "have u had the baby yet?"
    does it look like i've had the f*@king baby?! do u think its that i'm desperate to remain the size of a house? no u genious i've not had the baby!!!!!!!!

    My hospital was a shambles as well no beds available when i arrived to be induced so they put me in a ward with women who were between 20 and 30 weeks who had gone into labour and were esperatly holding on to there bubs and in come me 10days overdue moaning that i want this baby out now!!!!!!!!!!

    Good luck and i hope bubs arrives soon!!!
    I know where a donkey is if that helps things along?
  • well everyone he's here..... finally! i was takin in on the thursday and was induced and gave birth to the most precious thing in this whole wide world on friday morning at 1.13! he weighed 7lb 9 and is just absolutely amazing!

    i started having contractions at about 4.30 thursday afternoon and was taken to thedelivery suuite at around 8.30.

    i was given gas and air but i ended up throwing up every where! oops! the midwife was a right cow as well but i wont go into that coz i'm just so happy!

    i was eventually given pethedin after they'd used me as a pin cusion for about an hour! my hands ar now the size of footballs and i'm bruised to high heavens but it was all worth it! my contractions slowed so i was put on a drip to kick start them again!

    the midwives in the delivery suite were the most amzing people i have ever met! two women which if i remeber correctly were both called gemma, they were just fantastic!

    i finally pushed him out and was so shocked at the colour of him i thought something was wrong but they said everything was fine he was just a bit dopey from the pethedin! but to be honest if he's anything like me he's gonna be dopey lol

    anyways i came home last night and i am so happy he's just so amazing and gorgeous! i really do wonder now what i was worried about it all seems so trivial after it's all happened lol

    anyways Merry Christmas to you all and hope santa brings ya lots of goodies. i cheated and got my present early lol!

  • Congratulations honey enjoy these 1st few weeks they'll wizz by. have a great christmas with ur bundle of joy!!!
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