has anybody out there got any advice im 34 weeks pregnant with second child and im having really bad rib and back ache so bad i cant sleep at night also got to take iron and it is disgusting i never experienced all this pain in my first pregnancy will it go and when x


  • hi hun i have been exactly the same in this pregnancy with back ache its awful isnt it.I find sleeping on top of a duvet helps at night (duvet over the mattress,folded in half on your side so u got loads of padding!)also i have 1 of those wheat bags that u put in the microwave n thats good on your back.those heated pads r meant to be good too that u can stick on your back n they stay heated for up to 12 hrs.Paracetamol is ok to take in pregnancy if it really bad and also i've heard a tens machine can help.Hope some of these suggestions will help you,hanna 37+2 xx
  • thanx for advice my neighbour has just lent me a wheat bag and given me a leaflet for tens machines that are on offer at moment in local chemist so in a mo im going to wander out to the microwave and heat it up and try and go to bed bet your glad you havant got long to go is this your first x x
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