Little Henry Bean :cry:

Morning all

Some of you may remember that hubby and I got pregnant in June but sadly lost our little bean - we called him Henry Bean. His due date was tomorrow :cry:

I still think about him all the time, and I think hubby does - but getting pregnant again with Angus Bean made it so much easier to deal with.

Hubby really likes the name Henry if we have a boy, but it kind of makes me feel a bit sad to think we would name this baby Henry. Am I silly? I do like the name but sort of feel a bit wrong using it (if we chose to of course, we have a few options!)

Anyway, just wanted to add a post for all of us to say we will never forget our lost babies and hope they are resting in heaven. We like to say Henry is being looked after by hubby's Mum who passed away 3-yrs ago.

Always love you little Henry Bean!
Joo xxx
31w today


  • Ah Joo, I'm so sorry for your loss. Even with the blessing of Angus it must still be really hard thinking of Henry Bean.

    Hope tomorrow is not too hard for you xxx
  • aw Joo, I didn't know about Henry bean. (((hugs)))

    and loads of love and hugs to everyone who has lost a baby at whatever stage, i've not been through it was really lucky that this first bean was sticky, but i have friends who have, and know how terrified I was of it happening.

    thinking of you all

    aileen xx
  • aww hunny ((((big hugs)))im sure your little bean is resting and i love the name henry ,if u did like it but it felt a bit worng could u spell it different ..henrie??....i cant imagine how anyone who loses their baby must feel as i thankfully have never had to go through this but i think creating a memory and naming them is lovely

    hope ure ok hun xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Hi Joo,

    I didmt know about Henry bean either. Hope tomorrow is not too hard for you. I like the name Henry, how about as a middle name?
  • Hey Joo, Might use it as middle name in Henrys memory but not sure as a first name. Just cuz your still grieving for him xxxxx
  • Awww hun so sorry - he will always live on in your memories


  • Oh bless you, I haven't been through it but really feel for you hon. hope tomorrow is not too hard.

    I agree with the others - if it were me I think i'd use it as a middle name perhaps/ Or maybe just not at all, to keep the identities separate. Hugs. Ames x
  • i'm so sorry joo, i had my due date for rex in september and our second baby the week before christmas, and i know it's hard. My dh has only just started talking about rex, because he knows it's nearly a year since we lost him before he couldn't even mention him. I think using henry is a lovely way to honor henry bean, but i do think it may be easier for you if you use it as a middle name.
    Hope tomorrow goes as easily as possible
  • Hi Joo

    So sorry, will be thinking of you and oh tomorrow, lil henry bean will be watching down on his mummy and daddy and big brother/sister bump and will always be with you
    Take care hun
  • Oh hun I am so sorry you have had to go through this. Little Henry bean will always be with you and will be looking over little Angus as well.

    I will be thinking of you both

    K xxxxxx
  • aww hunni, i had 2 due dates last year one in august for our "newbie" and one in december for our "bambi", and not a day goes by when i don't think about them. I agree with some of the girls, Henry is lovely, and maybe using as a middle name rather than a first name would be easier for you both to deal with. sending you ((((HUGS)))), hoping tomorrow is ok for you and ur oh xxxxxx
  • Joo, hope everything goes ok for you, it's so nice that you are taking the time to remember him and lovely that you named him.
    I agree with the others about having Henry as a middle name but just make sure that you are 100% comfortable with whatever you choose.
    Thinking of you
  • Hi Joo,
    Like some of the other ladies have said, i was going to say you could use Henry as a middle name, that would always be a way of remembering your Henry bean?
    I know its not the same, but my brother died nearly 3 years ago, he was 21 as we've said if our baby is a boy we would use his name as the babies middle name, I think its a lovely way to remember them.
    My thoughts will be with you and your oh tommorrow xx
  • aww im so sorry joo, i didnt know that. will be thinking of you and your oh as it still must be difficult even tho youve got angus bean.
    also like the other ladies have suggested, Henry would be a lovely middle name image xxx
  • I had a little bean (due in March) that is being cared for in heaven by my Gran. I think it is a lovely way to remember and think of your Henry bean. Hope you don't find it too hard xxx
  • Awww Joo. It's horrible getting to your due date. I was a wreck when approaching mine as it was only 2 weeks before that I found out I was pg again and I couldn't cope with the thought of not even being pg when that baby should have been born. 12th Jan will always be a sad day.

    I think Henry as a middle name would be lovely.
    I hope tomorrow isn't too difficult hun. Big hugsx
  • hi joo, i remember henry bean. just to let you know i'm thinking of you.
    i made some cakes on the due date of our first bean, in december. i just wanted to mark the occasion in some way, and gave them to my family so they could be involved. not that anyone seemed to see the significance like i did.
    give your henry bean teddy a big cuddle. i will never forget my little lost beans but i know they are always with me in some way, they taught me a lot.

    with my first bean, my mom wanted us to call it Harvey (she thought it was a boy) as she loves that name. now she keeps mentioning that name to us, and whilst we wouldn't have called our first one Harvey as DH doesn't like it that much for us, i always associate the name with our first bean. so when mom keeps suggesting that name now for our little boy i keep saying no as it doesn't feel right.

    Henry as a middle name would be lovely though.

    thinking of you, your hubby and henry bean
  • Hope today hasn't been too ahrd. I am thinking of you! i like the idea that everyone else has said about using Henry as a middle name! What an honour for Henry AND Angus!
  • Hope today hasn't been too difficult and I think Henry for a middle name is lovely xx
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