sore down there Really TMI!!!

i know this is gunna be far TMI but i really need some advice. i have had thrush twice in the past month and been treated for it and so has hubby. my foo is soooooooooooo sore and dry feels like i have been kicked in it. all inside is red raw and it hurts when i pee. i really dont know what it could be or what i can do to moisten it agaiN! anyone experienced anything similar? x


  • i sorry to hear ur in so much discomfort. i've been lucky enough not to have had this (touch wood), but from my uunderstanding thrush is supposed to eb itchy and uncomfortable not painful. it sounds to me more like u have cystitis or another UTI. a trip to ur GP shld get u a proper diagnosis and any anti biotics if needed. in the mean time all i can suggest is drink plenty of water to try to flush the infection thru and maybe some cranberry juice??

    soryy not much help

  • thanks. its the dryness that is the most painful does that make sense like my pants are just sticking where my foo is sooo dry ive never known anything like it before. and when i go for a wee toilet roll just sticks to me. TMi i know but i need to give as much info to get a bit of help! xx
  • ahh okies, also tho if u use something like kandoo when u wipe instead of toilet roll, u might find wiping a bit more comfortable as trhose kanddo wipes are moist but still flushable unlike babywipes.

  • hiya upsy daisy - i dont think that this is thrush rather a hormone inbalance which can cause dryness and soreness. probably down to just pregnancy hormones. If you go to the doc i think they can give you pesseries to use that will re- moisten (graphic sorry!!) and makes everything more comfortable. Its not nice because you probably feel like everything is chafign and and burning? Definately see female doc and dont be shy - just blame on the pregnancy xxx
  • thanks, i think i will have to get myself into the docs and get it sorted! x
  • hiya wen i 1st fell pregnant i had thrush really bad it was like that it was so sore i cud hardly walk and made me wanna cry i used thrush cream coz that all u can take apprantly in the 1st 16 weeks and afta about 2 weeks it did the job! have u been back to the doctors and told thm how bad it is thy shud b able 2 giv u summin but ppl say pure yougat is really good 4 it.
    hope all goes well and u get it sorted x x x
  • ouch!! sounds nasty, I really hope you get it sorted soon.

    Lisa xxx
  • Im so glad you posted this as ive got it sooo bad! booked into see gp tomorrow for some cream had it over a week and driving me potty!!

    Let me know if you find out what it is hun
  • i really dont think its thrush again like i said me and hubby have both had 2 treatments for it and its cleared up. it dosnt look like thrush either. no white stuff. its just really dry and red! louise let me know how u get on at docs u will be seen before me! lol. thrush is more annoying coz its itchy. this is painful feels like ive had sex constantly for a week or been kicked up there! i think em29 is on the right lines will hve to try see doc or nurse! x
  • I keep getting sore but don't think its thrush as i've had this before and its like what you describe but not so bad. Good luck with the docs, i might take a trip there if it continues! x
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