sick of being sick!!

hi ladies i know this is a misserable start to the day but i feel like crap!
is any1 else getting really bad sickness?

I had none with my first, morning sickness till about 14 weeks with my second and iv still got it at 30 weeks with this 1.

its worse in the morning, i wake up feeling sick - cant have a cuppa coz it'll come straight bk up. but i still have it during the day! if i get wiff of the bin opening i just chuck! its really getting me down coz i feel drained from it.

iv tried ginger biscuits they dont help. any1 got any ideas? pls!!??


  • Hey hun,

    Ginger biscuits actually have no ginger in them and loads of other crap that you don't want to be eating image you should pop into holland and Barret and they have pure ginger in there which should help. I always found a freezing cold glass of milk helped my sickness but I know everyone is different.

    I hope you feel better soon hun

  • Heya hunni,

    so sorry you're feeling this bad. If you go to your doctor and explain how bad it is, he/she will prescribe you a tablet to take every morning that will ease your sickness,

    hope you are feeling better soon xxx
  • hiya hun i had morning sickness right up untill the minute i gave birth to my son. i ended up in hospital many times because of it, i coudln't eat anything or drink and ended up dehydrated. i know exactly how you must be feeling atm the only thing i can surgest to you is drink water even if it comes back up as you need to replace the fluids your loosing,its a cycle you see your being sick because your pregnant but you eat and that makes you sick because your bodies so used to being empty. when you eat something if it stays down keep eating it. i could only keep quavers crisps down and lucozade that was my diet for well over two weeks i know...not healthy but i wasn't sick and my body learn't to keep food down after that i was only sick every other day. or you could ask your midwife if you could have the injection that stops you being sick i had it when i was in hospital it worked miricles for me i could eat.hth =]
  • i didnt know ginger biscuits had no ginger!
    thanx for ur help ladies gona try it ALL definatley!

  • You'd think with them being called ginger biscuits they would actually contain ginger but they don't lol they just have the flavouring.
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