is this normal?

afternoon folks. Im 31+1 with my first, and for the last week or so, every time i eat or drink anything apart from water, i get a bad nauseaous (sp?) feeling. Im not sick, but feel like poo. is this normal? or should i maybe get it checked out? i dont eat big meals cos i know lo is pushing my stomach and making it smaller.
also, i have noticed that some days my bump is huuuge and other days, its small. have not been leaking water or anything, but i find it strange that it could change so much?


  • my understanding from being on here is that nausea can hit you whenever don't worry about not eating your body will take what it needs when it needs. was told that by docs in a&e as for size of bump could it be baby changing positions? if they are lying side to belly it may change shape to if they are lay facing your spine.
  • I think that the sickness when you eat is caused by the baby squashing your stomach. I was exactly the same during the last few weeks, like crochetmum says the changing size is probably cause by baby wriggling. I sometimes used to be able to feel mine turning round, it was a very strange feeling!
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