Any primary teachers?

Hiya, I'm not quite ttc but I;m a primary teacher and i was just wondering if any of you suffered from morning sickness and if so how did you cope? I have an infant class so cant really abandon them if i don't feel well!!!


  • Hi- I'm a Y1 teacher and 21 weeks pg. I was quite lucky in that I haven't had much sickness in terms of being sick- I just felt sicky and basically like crap for the first 15 weeks. I made sure I got up early and ate breakfast even if I didn't feel like it and basically just got on with it. I think if I had actually been being sick I would have phoned in sick.

    The latest fun thing is bladder control- trying to last until playtime when you have a baby doing cartwheels on your bladder is a bit of a challenge- a couple of times I have had to call the secratary in to watch my class while I run to the loo!

    Good luck TTC- and don't worry about work, just look after yourself. xxx
  • Hi, I'm 7 weeks pregnant and have suffered from nausea and being sick for the last week. I have to say it hasn't been easy and I've had to tell the teacher in the class next to mine about my pregnancy otherwise she'd had wondered why I kept running to the loo and asking her to watch my class! I took a day off on Monday cus I felt terrible but think I'm just going to have to deal with it cus I can't just take 2 months off!! Eating little and often helps.

    Good luck xx
  • I also teach year 1 and currently am 16 weeks. I felt fine at first but then kept feeling really sick at points during the day. Currently get sooo tired at dinner and headaches. hoping these will pass soon. My liitle ones take up so much of my energy i m in bed early. But to be honest you just have to get on with it.. some people are lucky- some not.
  • Hi, I teach Year R and I'm 24 weeks pregnant now. Have been lucky in that have not actually been sick much, but have had to change my working patterns (going in later and coming home earlier) as was just permanently exhausted and felt nauseous first thing in the morning. As others have said, making time for breakfast helped. Kept snacking on things like crackers and sucking fruit sweets as well. It will all be worth it in the end. Good luck! M x PS Oh and I told my head pretty much as soon as I knew so she didn't just think I had got lazy lol and she's been really supportive.
  • I had a nightmare from about 6 weeks till around 18. I had to send for a classroom assisstant to let me run to the loo to throw up. I had to once just leave the class as she was taking so long but I knew she was on her way and one other occasion would you believe it, I had to be sick in a carrier bag outside my classroom :-/ as I couldn't get anyone. Not nice but couldn't take 12 weeks off. I did find eating helped I seemed worse when I was hungry x p.s hope I haven't put you off I'm now 27 weeks and loving being pregnant
  • Thanks for the advice ladies! i have a lovely classroom assistant but share her with another teacher - i guess i will just have to tell her if i do end up suffering when the time comes. ooh getting all excited just thinking about it (never thought i'd be excited about being sick :S lol)
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