Belly Cast Kit

Morning ladies, I bought one of these a couple of weeks ago but haven't used it yet. Was wondering if anyone else had done one & whether it was easy/hard to do? Thought it'd be a bit of fun & also a nice memento, but when I bought it hubby & daughter looked at me as if I'd gone mad!!


  • iv never done 1 but it would be a nice momento of how big ur belly got! Have fun!!

  • Where did you get it from, I am thinking of doing one as would be nice to keep!
    tammi xxx
    29.4 weeks
  • u can get them from argos, never done one myself, but my friend did, she said its dead easy and feels wierd when baby kicks when cast type stuff is on lol xxx
  • I got mine from Argos.
  • i did one of these when i was pg with my lo and got one at the baby show. i just sat on a chair and hubby did all the messy work!
    it took about 10-15 mins to get all the stuff on and then maybe 30 mins to dry.
    I only did my boobs and bump thou the pic showed hands on bump but was worried wat if i needed to scratch nose or something didn't wanna get stuck.

    My only suggestion would be to do it b4 ur too big i actually did it on due date (had been in the cupboard for 3 weeks) and found it bit uncomfortable sitting waiting for it to dry and obviously does feel like added weight on chest on bump (not excessive).

    have fun doing it thou its a great mento and gave me real inspiration when i started to loose weight as i could see how my waist was getting smaller and how big and perky my boobs use to be!!!
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