1st appointment


Got my first midwife appointment tomorrow. Gonna see if she thinks its twins! hopefully I will be refered to hospital for a scan before christmas. I am so nervouse and excited!

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  • Why do you think it is twins? I always thought I would love a multiple birth but I think it's the romance rather than the reality that I like. It's very exciting for you all the same, let us know how you get on. x
  • I must admit you are very lucky to see the midwife so early. I am now 16+4 and only seing the midwife tomorrow. Kinda sux!!!!

    Good luck!!!
  • Good luck for tomorrow stokes911, how exciting! Come back and tell us all about it xxxx
  • i got my midwife app today and im only 10 weeks
  • Hiya isamaria, I had midwife appointment yesterday and she said till8 months ill see her every 4 weeks then after that every week. Like everything else i think its differant in differant areas! xx


  • Hi stokes good luck with your appointment, hope you get your scan before xmas. My next one is not til the 11th jan now and i got midwive on 10th jan so roll on new year.

    Just a quick note have you heard from shrewpin she hasnt been on since last week?

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