show or no show?

Hi ladies, when i got up this morning i had a little bit of jelly-like stuff in my knicks (tmi im sorry) but it was clear with no blood in it at all! then later when i went the loo there was a bit more again with no blood. All in all about size of a 5p's worth.

what do you think, is this a show? or just discharge (not had it like that before though)

If it is do i need to contact mw or just wait and see what happens? am due to see her again a week tomorrow!

sorry for the icky-factor so early in a morning!

Lis (34+5)


  • Hi hun.

    Sorry if tmi but for the last 2 days my discharge has increased and have been getting alot all at once. I have put it down to the heat and when I read up in my preg book yday they say from 36/37 weeks your discharge will really increase. Its another one of those signs that your body is getting ready for the big day!!!

    If you are concerned hun then give your midwife a call I'm sure she'll be able to help.

    Katie and bambino.x x x
  • Hi Katie, how you feeling?

    i have had increased discharge lately too, but his was like way to describe is, you know when you get leaflets stuck in magazines with that gluey stuff? a bit like that! (eugh i know!!!)

    im not concerned really, just curious. will wait and see if i get any more i think, its prob nothing to get excited about.

    x x
  • Are you having pains at all lis?
  • Hi Lisa. I'm feeling much better thankyou hun. Hope you had a good weekend. LOL at your description....very accurate!!

    I would definatley keep an eye on it hun and if you do get more or it does go brown or red give your midwife a call.

    Its sooo frustrating now as I promised myself I wouldn't start getting my hopes up and look at everything as a sign of labour but its so hard not to notice everything isn't it!!!

    Katie and bambino.x x x
  • I had the jelly stuff yesterday too. No blood but have had uncomfortable back pains during night and some pushing pains in cervix area this morning....all calmed down now though so don't know if its something starting or just me wishing it was. I'm 6 days overdue
  • i know, i think as you get closer to the end you see everything as a sign dont you!
    I have no pains or anything, other than the usual back ache so not will just monitor it n see what happens, have got over 5 weeks yet so doubt its anything really.
    JAi you sound like you could be starting off with the pains and twinges, hope it happens soon for you!
    x x
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