Getting paranoid.

Very basic - one of the first cups my son took to! - The lid is a bit hard to get on and off though and though most of it is easy to clean - the little spout hole is not and can get rather nasty inside if you dont have tiny little pipe cleaners! hehe


  • Hi,

    I have been reading peoples threads today about how wonderful their dopplers are and that they have found the heart beat straight away. Well I'm 16 weeks now and still can't find it, am I looking in the wrong place?

    Could you tell me where the best place to look is? I know that sounds like a silly question but I really want to hear it :\?

  • I think the best place to look is really really low, right down by your pubic bone, especially if you haven't got a bump yet. It depends how you carry the baby though. My bump is very low, and I find the hb right low down....I think that makes sense as he kicks really high!

    Try pressing quite hard as well, and basically just being patient! Easier said than done! Use loads of the gel too.

    Don't be paranoid, because I'm sure everything is fine. It might be just a dodgy doppler. I could find hb from 13 weeks and then one day at 18 or so weeks I couldn't find it and it scared me - everything is fine though.

    You could have an anterior placenta as well. I have one, and baby tends to hide behind it and can be quite difficult to get. For the same reason I don't feel him moving much either, even though I'm 24+2! Sucks! x
  • i struggled too, one tip that might help is that use lots of lube, place probe low down on bikini line and tilt the probe head downwards at an angle, so its kinda pointing downwards, if this makes sense? and work your way slowly, hope you find it soon.
  • Thank you so much for your help image

    I know everything is ok as mw heard the heart beat last wednesday I just want to be able to find it myself and I do get frustrated lol

  • The only one my daughter could get anything out of. The others we tried she couldn't suck hard enough and got frustrated.
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