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Early pregnancy questions, bit worried, maybe TMI

Hi, can anyone help me.

I'm just over 7 weeks pregnant. I've been having tummy pains, just like period pains since before I got my BFP and I know this is normal, most mornings have woken up feeling nausious (sp?) and starving, and the last few days feeling sick, like I wanna through up all day long.

This morning it's all stopped. No tummy pains, no nausious, no feeling sick, nothing. It's almost like I don't feel pregnant anymore.

And I keep thinking AF has come - almost like when you can feel AF coming (literally) but when I go to the toilet there is nothing there. I've worked out it feels like very small "puffs of warmish air" being delivered down my lady tunnell. Does that make sense?!?

Can anyone advise on this. Is it normal to have suddenly no symptoms anymore? Should I be worried? Should I contact the midwife?

Thanks in advance ladies



  • Hi

    I had pains exactly as you describe from about week 6 until last week (10) and they have now stopped although do get the odd twinge. They do say symptoms can come and go, mine did. Some days didn't feel any different at all. But I had loads of scans as passed some blood weeks 4-6. The pains I experienced were exactly like my period pains although not so intense,

    If you are really concerned why dont you find a early pregnancy unit and ask for a scan, it will at least put your mind at rest.

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