bank holiday entitlememt

Does any one know anything about bank holiday entitlemant whilst on maternity leave?
i work part time so my bank holiday are in my annual leave entiltement on a pro rata basis

i normally work monday, tuesday and wednesday, this year Xmas day, Boxing day and New years day fall on what would be my days off, so HR are saying i am therefore not entitled to them and therefore have to deducd them from my yearly annual leave.

seems a bit of a bummer to me, especailly as i had alreaddy booked all my days off before i start my mat leave and dont really want to have to work what will feel like extra days

any advice from HR bods or people in the know appreciated



  • As far as I'm aware you don't accrue bank holidays while I'm on maternity leave but you do accrue annual leave. Therefore, I'm assuming you would either, not get paid for the bank holidays or they would be taken from your annual leave entitlement.

    Maybe give ACAS a call and see if they can give you any advice!

  • I am sure that the rules have changed and since April you now do accrue bank hols whilst on maternity leave. I know I am getting my full holiday entitlement plus all my bank holdays for the full year. Tammi xxx

  • Yeah you're right, the law has changed and now you do accrue bank holidays. **Em** posted about this on the november forum!

    Stupid me! lol

  • Interesting but not surprising that my HR dept hasn't mentioned this!

    Does anyone know if changes in October will apply to women already on maternity leave? I'll be going on leave from August, planned for 12 months.
  • What changes come into play in October? Tammi xxx

  • I have just found this document which was quite helpful
    it seems quite easy to read
    others might like a look
    its about maternity pay and benefits , current law and the changes due to come in to effect in October
    weeza, I think that the changes only apply if your due date is after 5th October 2008

  • I really recommend this website for queries about maternity rights and all that stuff - its very reliable
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