i have woken up several times in the past few nights and ive woken up lying on my belly is this a bad thing?? im worried about this???? any advise????


  • I don't really know the answer to this but have been having the same problem. I got a full body pillow for xmas and now I seem to waken up on my back which, if you believe everything you read, is not good for you either! I think if its not good, baby will start objecting with a few kicks, so that will get you moving. I just keep thinking that my mum has had four healthy kids and didn't get half the contradictory advice that we get. Not much help I know! x
  • I read that you should try and keep on your side, especially as your pregnancy progresses, and not lie on your back or front. But it also says in my book that if u wake up on ur front, don't worry cos it can't be helped, just turn back to your side again. I'm lucky cos I've always slept on my side, can't imagine lying on my front now though! x
  • thanks! well im only 12 weeks so cnt feel him/her kickin yet but i am gettin a bump now image
  • im 29 weeks now and keep waking up on my back i also got told its not good to sleep on your back this has been worrying me....
  • I usually sleep on my tummy but have a bump that has appeared from nowhere and seems much bigger when i'm trying to sleep. Are the full body pillows any good because am having a nightmare sleeping at the moment! Will defo get one if you think they are worth it.
  • I think if you are still comfy then it is ok to sleep on your front. Baby is well cushioned in there and so should still be comfy. It is only from about 20 weeks that sleeping on your back is a problem but even then if you roll onto your back while you are asleep its not worth worrying about, just roll back on to your side before you go back to sleep.
  • i always sleep on my tummy when im not pregnant, so really struggle to get cumfy at night, iv got used to sleeping on my side now but have started waking up in the night cause of baby kicking me lol,
    it cant be helped if uv rolled on to your tummy while sleeping,
    just go back on your side when u wake up hun xxx

  • i have always slept on my side even when not pregnant but now at 38 weeks i always seem to wake up on my back and it can be quite akward to turn back over sometimes have to ask hubby to help me up
  • HI oldermum69, I love my full body pillow, I sleep kind of cuddling it with it between my knees. It was only about ??25 from Argos I think and I originally saw it suggested on a post here about best pregnancy buys. I think its worth trying if you are having trouble sleeping. x
  • i never used to sleep on my tummy when i wasnt pregnant but for some reason, until i was 20 weeks, i kept waking up on my stomach. i got told that the amniotic fluid will protect the baby and if it wasnt ok, then it would be painful. i got one of those wedges to go under my stomach, and its fine now! xxx
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