worrying about stay in hospital

hey ladies hope everyone ok and bumps are ok

just wondering if anyone else is actually worrying more about staying in hospital than actually going thru labour,

ive only got 1 day left and cant wait to actually be in labour but im worrying more about afterwards ,

i hate being in hospital , hate the atmosphere, the smell lol and just the feeling of being in a hospital and the thought of being left in hospital after had baby and actuall looking after a new baby is really worrying me, :\(

i know i wont be able to sleep in the hospital il just be awake looking at baby. im prob being silly. one of the reasons i want to avoid a C-SECTION if possible is because of the stay in hospital silly i know.

and was just wondering how long everyone had to stay in after having a baby,

Donna 39+6


  • Hi Donna, know what you mean. We have been told by the mw that a 2 night stay is reccommended for first time mums and I am dreading it as I hate staying anywhere apart from my own home. However everyone keeps saying to stay in as long as possible as once you are home there are no nurses on hand to offer support or help. Think the lengh of time you have to stay in will vary at each hospital. A friend of mine had a c section and was out less than 24 hours later but it was on xmas day! Tammi xxx
    34.2 wks
  • Hi Donna, try not to worry too much.. i know hospitals can be awful but you will probably not even notice you will be adoring your lo, so much.
    I gave birth to Erin at 13:44 and we left the hospital at 16:00 the next day, so it wasnt too bad. This time i'm hoping to give birth and then leave a few hours later... (well that the plan)
    If your labour was ok and baby is ok they will usually let you home, but just remember you will be exhausted and will need rest, also once you get home you wont get a minute to yourselves as all the visitors will descend upon you...
    Good luck with everything. X
    Katie, mummy to Erin 9mnths and 24+2 with bluebump.
  • I'm glad someone has posted this. I am 41 weeks today and being induced on this Wednesday. I am really scared and nervous about hospital. Apart from my scans and anti-D injection I have really never had to go in a hospital, not even to visit anyone. And I just hate the thought of it. I am expecting a big baby who is in a bad position and I know labour won't be straight forward - I'll be in hospital during early labour - and I dunno what I'm supposed to do all day apart from panic and read magazines lol. I don't know what time I've got to go in yet but in a way I hope its late so I can try and sleep.

  • thats my worst nightmare having to go in to be induced and then just waiting in the hospital , hopefully ull be able to go in later in the afternoon. i think my worry's come from when being little spent quite a lot of time in hospital ( same hospital as having baby) .

    hopeing to go into labour naturally , stay at home for as long as i can , then have baby and be on my way home lol wishfull thinking , hope everything goes well for you tigerlily good luck wednesday

    Donna 39+6
  • could you take an ipod to pass the time? I stayed in 2 nights after my section and I thought the MW's were fab (esp if they know you are nervous). Don't be afraid to ask for help with feeding and you'll find the advice and support is much better than when you get home.
    Best of luck xx
  • I have ages til im due but i worry about this too. I wanted a home birth but oh wont let me. Im terrified of having a c section and that i will have to stay in hospital for several days. I pray my labour will be straight forward so i can come home. I will just ask advice from my mum rather than nurses.

    I have always hated hospitals and hate the thought of being on a ward full of people. I had an operation on my jaw a year ago (they broke and reset my jaw), i hated being in hospital so much that i refused morphine and lied about my pain scores just so i could go home sooner. I would rather be in agony at home than pain free in hospital.
  • Im so glad im not the only one thats worrying about this, it seams like sumthing so small and silly.

    if this wasnt first baby i would have def had home birth, would feel much more comfy at home, in own bed and have OH, Mum and Mum in law to help.

  • Donna - you say if it wasn't 1st you'd have a home birth so what is stopping you? Research shows labours and births at home generally go better than hosp deliveries anyway and if it helps you relax then go for it (unless there is a medical reason obviously).
  • hi i had my first baby at 8am and was out at 5pm the next day. this time i have group b strep so have to stay in for 48 hours. i didnt sleep in hospital, too excited about the fact id just had a baby!! the time will fly by honestly and once you have your baby you prob wont even think about being "stuck" in hospital. just think of it as time for you to get used to caring for and to get to know your baby before all the mad rush of visitors starts at home!! i too wanted ahome birth (partly becasue of my 3 year old) and i couldnt bare leaving her but thats not p[ossible now due to gbs. im sure youll be fine, but i did worry the same as you, more about hosp stay and not really about labour, this time im much more worried about labour!x


  • hi ladies,

    I feel exactly the same as you about hospitals. I was quite lucky when i had my son, he was born at 7.21pm and i left the hospital at 9am the next morning. So it wasnt so bad for me, although i cried my eyes out when they made my oh go home at 10pm lol. If your have a straight forward birth they will let you out as soon as you and baby have been checked over. x
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